1967 rally wheels

I have a 64 corvette coupe with standard drum brakes and rims I have 205 70r 15 Coker gold line tires I would like to put ralley wheels on but I am confused on which size to buy

If you are going to reuse the 205 70r 15s I would use 15x7s with a 4" back space. You can use 15x6s with the 205s but if you decide to up size later you will want the extra width.

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If different tires what would you recommend . Nothing radical

Since you are planning on using rally wheels you could go for either a set of red line radials in a 215 65r 15 for a 67 Vette look or go with a day 2 look with a set of Radial TAs in a 225 60r 15. Anything larger could cause clearance issues with out using a custom offset wheel.

thanks you’ve been a big help