1968 Oldsmobile - Oldsmobile F-85 W-31 factory drag car


Independent Agent Rick Munday is lucky enough to own his dream car – a 1968 Olds factory drag car that was never intended to be sold to the public.

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What absolutely gorgeous car, I’m wondering if you guys would know anything about the 1968 Cutlass Supreme, the car is a barn find that’s been sitting since the 1980s, other than the usual parts we used to change on our cars in the 80s or of course in Edelbrock intake and Mickey Thompson valve covers everything about this convertible that looks undisturbed tells me it’s a w31 Ram-Rod, it has the Ram air induction that looks like it was factory installed and it has a 12-bolt posi rear non-power brakes drum brakes all around a 4-speed transmission on the floor and with the research I’ve done Oldsmobile never made a 1968 convertible w31 package car but I believe I have one and I have pictures and the car undisturbed and I would like to know how I could document this car to see if it’s real. I hope to hear back from you guys I actually have a 1986 Camaro insured with Hagerty thank you very much Ray bogert


What a find!!! I’m sitting here with the “Oldsmobile 4-4-2 & W-machines Restoration Guide” by T. Patrick Sullivan which we have in Hagerty’s reference section and he notes a few items to look for on the W-31 cars. Here are the bullet points verbatim from the book.

  • Special 350 engine. Engine color is gold.
  • Same forced-air system as 1968 W-30and Hurst/Olds.
  • Special four-barrel carburetor.
  • Number 5 cast on front of left cylinder head and rear of right cylinder head (same as standard 350 except W-31 has larger 455 valves)
  • Manual brakes only.
  • The letter M (for Lansing, Michigan) should be in VIN.
  • All Ram-Rod 350s (W-31) are standard transmission - three or fours-speed.
  • A Small, crossed piston decal with the word ram on one piston and rod on the other (350 on the bottom) appears just behind the marker lights on the front fenders.
  • Heavy duty radiator (four-row).
  • A special high speed harmonic balancer is used. This balancer is much thicker and heaver than the standard L-74 350 balancer.
  • Must have black plastic fenderwells with holes for forced-air scoops.
  • The 308deg camshaft means that the W-31 has a much rougher idle than the standard L-74 350.

Some other items I picked up on were that a 3.91 (mandatory) or 4.33 (optional) gear ratio were the only ones available.

As I am sure you are already aware, the W-31 was only available for the F-85, Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme. From the evidence you’ve already provided, I would say that evidence is very strong that this is a legitimate W-31. The book does not mention this being a coupe only option, so I am not ruling it out the possibility. As a pretty big Oldsmobile fan myself, I’m very excited for your find!



Thank you for the information, we pulled the motor and unfortunately it’s not a correct motor for that year from what we could track online it’s a1972 lower compression 2 Barrel engine, funny thing is the heads are number 5 and has the 2 inch valve, when we started to pull the motor we could tell it definitely Disturbed not original, they even had a paper clip holding the clutch linkage together, but the rest of the car in my opinion is all original and I would love to share my vin# and pictures with you guys.

Thank you Ray Bogert



I’d love to see the Olds! It isn’t often these cars pop up. If you are reluctant to share the VIN online, feel free to email me directly at gingold@hagerty.com. The VIN would be nice to archive although the way GM structured their VINs at the time, they disclose little information about the car beyond it being a 1968 Cutlass Convertible.


It’s a Cutlass S, not a Cutlass Supreme.