1969 Boss 429 Roller - Any ideas on value?


Greetings all,

Looking for some insights before I act on what is a rumor at this moment.

I have came across a potential 1969 Boss 429 roller…complete, all original, sadly missing the motor and trans. Supposedly has been sitting since the motor was pulled to put in a race car back in the early 70’s. Guessing the car would need a lite restoration at best plus trying to find a needle in the haystack of a period correct drivetrain.

Before I even go down the long/winding road of trying to kind more information on this ghost, what do some of you think would be the value of the car as it sits. Lets speculate that the body is solid, interior is in good shape.

Appreciate feedback and I will share more information on this topic as it becomes available to me.




I work on the Hagerty Price Guide and here is my take. For a benchmark, the Hagerty Price Guide #4 value is $149,000. That is assuming a car that is complete and running, but is something you’d consider restoring.

There’s a roller currently on Hemmings for $150,000 but it is a roller, needs trim, paint, driveline and full interior but comes with two engines according to the ad. I think they’re ambitious. For the car you’re looking at, assuming it only needs a driveline and light cosmetics to be ready to go, I could see $100,000 as a high dollar figure. How I came to that conclusion is sourcing a correct Boss 429 engine, transmission and all the associated labor and parts to get it running, that would easily put the total investment around #4 price guide values. That’s assuming it needs nothing major. My gut says much less if it is anything other than that, but I don’t want to make too many assumptions without seeing that it looks like.

What do you see yourself doing with the car if you make a deal?