1969 Chevelle SS 396: Not your run-of-the-mill Chevelle

The 1969 Chevelle SS 396 is unique among all Super Sports but for one reason: it was the only year the Chevelle SS 396 was available as a post coupe. In all other years, a hardtop and convertible were the only body styles available, but in ’69, Chevrolet made the SS 396 an option package for the Chevelle (previously, the SS 396 was its own model) and allowed it to be ordered on the low-line 300 Deluxe Coupe (with B-pillar).

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My uncle had a SS 396 Chevelle, damn thing would run like a stabbed rat.

There is a contradiction in this article. The first paragraph states that the SS 396 option package could be ordered on the 300 Deluxe, but scroll down to the “Alien Green” car and that paragraph states that the best engine available in that model was the L48 350/300.

@fotogmike - The green Chevelle noted at the bottom is a custom build done by the owner Albert Galdi. He essentially restored a 300 but shoehorned in a GM Performance Parts ZL1 block that he massaged for drivability. Another change is the SS hood.

You missed my point. Re-read my comment and forget about what that car has under the hood. It’s the statements in the article that contradict each other.

Interesting article. So do these limited production 300 Post Coupes generally command more dollars than the regular SS 396’s or are they about the same?

@fotogmike - My apologies, I did misinterpret your comment.

In doing some research and knowing the authors style, I believe the phrasing is a little confusing. What he is stating is that without the SS 396 option, the highest engine available is the L48 350/300.

In other words, if a buyer stuck to the “base” 300 Deluxe the L48 was top dog.

I was sales/ hp manager Briggs chev NJ 1969. Sold a few chevelles 300 posts 375 hp …e town Nhra track did not have this car listed in stock. Or. S stock. Had to verify for them.

Thank you for the clarification. Good to know this since the 350/300 was still a potent choice.

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The black SS396 post sedan without the B90 window trim is mine.
Would love to find info about it when it went from Warsaw, IN to Detroit, MI and then was turned into a drag car in the Detroit area.

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Ah! The memories! I bought a lightly used 1969 Chevelle 300 with a 350 and a Muncie 4-speed in 1970 for about $1800.00 if I recall correctly. The 20-something owner thought that he was Ronnie Sox and Bill Jenkins rolled into one, and three clutches and two transmissions later, sold it to me. The local dealer told him that they wouldn’t warranty any more of his abuse, and told him that the next repair would come out of his pocket. I kept it until I was drafted in 1972, and when I got my orders for Asia, I wrote home and told my dad to sell it. Dumb!

Your 69 post Chevelle is truly stunning. I’m from Calgary Alberta Canada and own a concours 1968 Chevelle (138). I spent 3 full years doing a rotisserie nut and bolt frame off restoration. It turned out extremely nice. Now that it is fully completed I now wish I would have found a 1969 post SS exactly like yours. That trim option around the windows is absolutely precious. I’d love to see more photos and hear more about your journey getting to where it stands now. How proud you must be of this black beauty!!