1969 MB 280SE one owner California car


I’ve never done this before so lets see where this goes. My name is Don Lewis and I purchased my 1969 MB 280SEc new. It is all original, paint etc with no additions. 62000 miles. It is a California car that I bought at Hollywood Mercedes on Sunset Blvd. Friends an others have told me to let MB collectors know about my car.
What do you suggest? Is there any interest in going any further?



Hello Don,

What a spectacular looking 280SEC- and congratulations on being smart enough to enjoy it all of these years! I love original owner cars.

Are you looking to expose it for possible sale? Or just to share it with the M-B community? Either way there are plenty of ways to do that, through various car clubs and events, internet forums, even Cars and Coffee and cruise nights. You’re surrounded by lots of great events like these in SoCal.

I hope this helps.





Thanks for the reply. At the moment I would like to share it with Benz lovers. I am sure there are many ways to do that. I guess my favorite is just driving it around on the weekend. Everywhere I go people are taking photos of it. I better keep it looking good. I am not going to touch it. I think I mentioned the car is all original, paint, wood, leather, chrome, and engine. Even the license plate frame from the long gone Hollywood Mercedes dealership.

Keep in touch,

Don Lewis


Hi Don,

That’s a beautiful car you have. I’ve owned a lot of four door 108/109 body cars including a 6.3. I’ve never owned a coupe though. I think the straight six is just as relevant as the 3.5, it’s a little slower off the line but better on gas. If you’re ever selling your car, give me a shout!