1969 Pontiac Grand Prix - Greg Ingold


Greg Ingold’s love for automobiles follows a familiar storyline. He grew up around cars and swapped the engine in his first vehicle – a 1989 Chevrolet half-ton pickup – while in high school. “I remember carrying tools for my dad as a 10 year old while we were at the local salvage yard grabbing parts to restore the interior of a 1973 (Oldsmobile) Cutlass Supreme,” he said. The car later became his. During his teenage years, Greg also drove a 1982 Oldsmobile 98 Regency that was “pristine” – quite a feat considering Michigan’s notoriously brutal winters. Later car projects with his father included a 1970 Chevy Suburban and 1966 Chevy Caprice. He and his dad scored his 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix last summer.

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I’m sorry to say that I missed this 2016 post. I have been waiting for a Hagerty article on the GP for a long time. Can’t imagine how I missed it but was glad to see it now. Thanks for the article. In 68, GM only sold ab out 32K of the GP but with the new design in 69, it upped the sales to 110,000. One of the things that slowed the sales in 70 is that the Monte Carlo had a similar design in that year and was a bit less money. The 69 and 70 Grand Prix was muscle/personal luxury car that most people these days overlook. But it is a truly beautiful car with many facets that I feel people need to know about. Like it’s available sunroof and four speed HURST shifter and the 455 HO engine. Yep, a real muscle car that was sadly over-looked. I would like to see another article about this beauty which mentioned the involvement of John De Lorean in its design.


Glad you like the article on my car. It had been improved a bit since the article was written. Some of the little bits such as the incomplete hood emblem have been fixed and the Rally II wheels have the proper trim rings now. I have also opened the exhaust up to 2 1/2" and added a set of reproduction long branch manifolds. I’m pretty happy with where she’s at right now but think a limited slip diff and a Ram Air III cam might be coming down the road at some point.


I had mine shipped in from Maryland in 2011. It was originally a CA car. How it got to Maryland, I’ll never know. In 2014, I had no qualms about driving it on a move from San Bernardino California to Chino Valley Arizona. Unfortunately, that was the last trip it would take for almost a year as on the trip, the harmonic balancer shaft cracked in three places and it started spilling oil into the engine compartment. Through luck and four quarts of oil along the way, I made it to my cousins garage in Arizona and parked it for six months until my move was complete and we were all settled in. I eventually had the entire engine rebuilt, using only the roller rockers that were with the engine when I bought the car. The rest is all new. Unfortunately, the rebuilder left some dirt in the oil galley and 20 miles after the rebuild, the engine had to be torn down again and more new parts (crank shaft, cam, bearings, etc.) had to be reinstalled. I finally ended up with a completely redone engine, with new fuel pump, oil pump, water pump, A/C compressor, etc. etc. etc. I now am not afraid to drive it anywhere. Wish I had a 700r though because it only gets 15 to 16 MPG. The cam is VERY mild but the 2 1/2 inch exhaust makes her sound pretty bad. Add that to the hood tach and she pretty well turns heads wherever she goes. Hope to see another article soon.