1969 Z28 steering update


My 69 Z28 has the original steering box, but there is a lot of slop in the steering wheel. Should I rebuild the box, or replace it with a new box.

What vendors are preferred?

Would either have an effect on the value of the car?


@mcraze4 - Have you tried adjusting the steering box? might be a good place to start before replacing. Also make sure all the linkages int eh steering system are tight. I have experienced a lot of cars with sloppy steering that have tight steering boxes.

If it is the box, I typically prefer rebuilding when possible. Unfortunately I don’t have a recommendation for a rebuilder right now though.


Try powersteering.com they can rebuild your original unit. I agree with Kyle in that you might want to check all your steering links first, start with the rag joint! I would also, as Kyle suggested, try adjusting your box before having it rebuilt.