1970 Mustang seat belt shoulder straps


I have a 1970 mustang mach 1 tribute and I am looking for the shoulder strap set belts that connect to the lap belt.
I am looking for original and do not like the aftermarket three point that are out there,
No one sells original design out there, so I need used. Anyone know where I could track down a pair in black.



Have you tried a company called Ssnake-Oyl? www.ssnake-oyl.com
If they don’t have what you’re looking for I may have an original set in black. Let me know.


Hi jeyanalunas.
Thanks for the lead. Unfortunately they do not have what I am looking for. No one sells OEM or aftermarket shoulder straps. Do you have the pair that you mentioned?
Would you be able to post a pic here?



Let me find them and see what I can do. Muggy take me a week or so.


Here’s some pics, let me know if you’re interested


Hi jeyanalunas.
The shoulder straps look like what I am after. Not sure about the connection point at the roof. I have the attaching bolts and I would have assumed that the attaching point on the belt was a hole and not a slot.
The lap belts are exactly what I have. Are these available as a set or will you separate the shoulder belts out?
How much are you looking for them.


Give me a call at work 714-444-2354, M-F, 8:30 to 5 PST.Give We can discuss the details. Thanks.