1970s Chevrolet Monte Carlos - Chevy Personal Coupe


The 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was aimed at Ford’s “Personal Coupe,” the Thunderbird. And it defeated its target handily. The “Monte” outsold the T-bird three-to-one in its first year, with 145,975 units delivered, against 50,314 Thunderbirds.

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This is a very nice article with great info however, several items are incorrect:

Instrument gauges were an option, most Monte Carlos had lights.

There were ZERO LS6 engines factory installed in the 1970 & 1971 SS454 cars. The author states ten, which is wrong.

The first A-body Monte Carlos came in 1970, not 1973 as stated.


Nice article.
Always liked the early MC for what I felt were their clean lines and proportioned styling. Had a (used) 70 350 cid auto myself, which curiously was equipped with bucket seats and column shift. At about the same time my brother had a much sportier Gran Prix SJ. I recall both being pretty nice highway cruisers but with the huge front over-hang, they took a little getting used to when parking.


You are 100 percent that they never used the LS6 in the Monte Carlo , how is it these authors always get the facts wrong is crazy. Anyone want the True 100% correct info and specs needs to refer to First Generation Monte Carlo.com


@paul3 and @lastss Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The story has been updated.

Specific to the LS6 story, it’s listed in the Standard Catalog and Car Craft also mentioned it in an old issue. It’s possible they were COPO cars. Or maybe it’s all a myth. We’ll try to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime we reworded that section.


Hello Mike, thanks for the update.

I had a friend (he’s passed long ago) who worked at a dealership. He ordered a 1970 Monte Carlo SS454 and he special requested the LS6 engine. As he “knew” people at GM, it was thought it would be fulfilled and the order was placed to the factory with a special request LS6 engine option. The paperwork and order was checked up a few times and it looked like it would happen.

It was declined just days before it was run on the line and he received the car with the LS5.

1971 LS6 engines were only for the Corvette, none were installed in Chevelles, let alone a Monte Carlo.


Thanks for the reply. It was also published in the factory manual, however it was cancelled last minute. Over the last twenty yrs there’s one or two people that have claimed they either have one or a friend had one, but none prove out. Thanks bob. Member of FGMC and Photographer for Hot Rod Hotline.comhttp://Hotline.com