1972 VW Beetle engine rebuild


About to pull the engine out of our Beetle and give it a full rebuild. Any tips?


No tips, but I am so excited for this one!


Don’t lose the 10mm socket!

Seriously though, take lots of photos. You can never document enough when it comes to full rebuilds


I took roughly 5000 photos of the teardown on Monday and Tuesday. Think that’ll be enough?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What year is your bug & what engine? I have a '79 VW bus w/ air cooled 2000cc 67hp engine


It appears as though it’s a 2000cc engine! Davin measured it and it came to about 1900cc. So it might also be a 1800, since I can’t find any occurrence of a 1900cc VW engine. We can’t find any numbers on the engine to indicate what it is. It can cruise on the highway at 75mph+, so it’s no slouch! Davin is researching some mild hot rodding ideas for it.


fun thing we discovered while dropping the engine: turns out the throttle cable wasn’t attached properly to the carb. We’ve only been getting 1/3 to maybe 1/2 throttle this whole time! It got us across the country at 75mph without ever opening up the secondary on the dual-barrel carb!!! This thing is gonna be a whole lot of fun once it’s back together!


If it wasn’t getting full throttle. It’s going to be extra fun when it is finished up!


You got that right! It wasn’t even coming close to opening up the secondary on the dual-barrel carb!