1973 Dodge Dart

I’m looking at finding headers for my 1973 Dodge dart swinger that don’t hang low. The current exhaust is about 4 inches from ground due to the headers that are currently installed. The driver side has to come forward because the steering box is in the way. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Both Jegs and Summit Racing sell shorty headers that will fit your application, and of course, if money isn’t an issue you can always have custom headers built to your specifications.

You could also go with TTI. They are a Mopar Specific header company. I have used them in the past for full length headers and can honestly say that the fitment issues with most other header manufacturers just doesn’t exist with TTI. the have a little less of the “one size fits all approach” so you aren’t going to get as much “will fit a body,ebody,b-body with small block” type fitting. The Shorties are a good compromise, but full length headers will give you a broader torque range. Either way you win.