1975 silver shadow engine locked


Hi all, I’m new to this website.
I have recently inherited a 1975 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow that belong to Frank Ifield the singer, it hadn’t been started for 30 years and we found that the fuel pump wasn’t working but we stripped and repaired it we had it turning over but it wouldn’t fire so we put new points and condenser on it started to fire but then when we tried to turn it over the starter motor was locked into the flywheel
I took the starter motor off to be repaired and apparently it was slightly worn, when I put it back on exactly the same thing it just flies into the flywheel and won’t turn over we have the plugs out and put oil down the bores,I’ve taken the starter motor off again and put a lever in to try and turn the flywheel but it won’t move either way can anybody advise or possibly come across this before ? We have not dropped anything to jam it ! Here’s hoping :+1::+1: