1976 Toyota Celica GT Liftback Original Owner


I bought my 1976 Toyota Celica GT Liftback when I was 26 years old, I’m 68 now. Car is in near mint condition, never driven in snow & rarely in rain. I can’t remember the last time I saw another in person!
In 1998-99 I did a cosmetic restoration…New paint and about every part of car I could still get, I replaced.
(Emblems, New Chrome Bumpers, including rubber end pieces, etc.) Took the car almost completely apart
and even rebuilt the door mechanisms…windows & locks. Basically took to my body shop on 4 tires & the
body. New Original Color paint has held up extremely well. I was able to get some of the OEM decals, since the set I had purchased several years earlier were improperly stored and could not be used. I managed to get
decals for the bottom of the doors and bought extras. Ended up making the pieces in front & back of the doors.
Had to cut out the “GT” from my set of emblems I had purchased and used them. Looks exactly like they did
when new! Get compliments every time I drive car…about a dozen times each summer. No one can believe
I am the original owner and that the car has spent it’s entire life in Northeastern Ohio! I’m pretty sure my Celica is the only thing I still own since before I got married. Wife and I just celebrated our 40th Anniversary. We actually used my Celica as our wedding car!


How cool to be able to use the car for a great celebration!


Loved reading your life story of you and your Celica. Also from a female standpoint I think it’s really neat that your marriage has lasted as long as you’ve had the car. It is stories like yours that put a little added zing when you get stopped by someone who wants to know about the car. Love it!!

Watch for our story - I’ll be putting it on in a few days. Have to kinda get geared up to do it!


Thanks for the feedback! Ed


I’d love to see pictures if you have any available. And I’m right there with @rich.deb62 - stories like this just make my heart happy.


Ash, I’m going to do “my story” in a few days. I will get back to you then. My husband & I are 74yrs old, been married for nearly 56yrs, my dad was an AMC dealer from '55 to '76 and we have my mom’s special ordered '73 Javelin with 35,000 miles on it. I have to have a day I feel well enough to do it but I’m a gonna!!! Lots of pictures too. Thanks - you sure made my day and I will make your heart even happier!!