1978 Bronco Custom 351M -Value

My 1978 Bronco Custom has been an on and off project for about 15 years. Im finally getting to the point where I will be driving it on the weekend. Will get Antique plates. I put in a Ford remanufactured 351M engine, same kind has the one I took out. It was in real bad shape. Everything else is completely stock. I really never gave much thought to its value, but just curious as to what you all think?

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Truck is looking good! I’m happy to tell you that we have values for your truck on the Hagerty Valuation Tools. A 351 truck can be anywhere from $6,500 on the rough end to over $33,000 for a pristine example. We have seen increased interest in these trucks as well, so I would expect prices to stay strong for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the info Greg!

the EB ('66/'77) it’s older bro just got knocked offa the (fastest rising sales price) pedistal by the Cherokee. This 1 ('78/9) should B having its day in sales price right now too…

  • -Chad