1981–89 Toyota FJ60 values are spiking, but they’re still a bargain over FJ40s

If you aren’t in a hurry to get where you’re going, the 1981–89 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser is a great way to get there. A sluggish gas guzzler on pavement, the FJ60 is a nimble and fun off-roader. And even if you choose to remain on the highway, that can be an enjoyable ride too—as long as you don’t need to pass anyone in a hurry.

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Good information to Know!

I’ve had a couple of FJ60s and one FJ62.
Great trucks, but as stated slow and gas hungry.

Seems that FJ80s (“The Bubble”) are better, altho still a six (fuel injected) still not fast, still gas hungry but with stick axles and coil suspension, I think a better truck.

Also still relative bargain, compared to an FJ60.

Can’t go too far wrong with a Land Cruiser,in any case…

Had an '83 FJ60 bought new. $14,000 seemed like such a lot of money at the time… Totally unhappy at anything over 45 MPH and horrendous single-digit mileage but certainly unique and had it for 11 years and about 100K miles. Enjoyed the “Wheeler Dealers” episode where they upgraded the trans to a 5-speed. Always loved the way the vertical oil filter would dump a quart down the side of the engine and over the axle… And about 8 quarts of oil, too. LOL, thanks, I’ll stick with my Gen5 Subaru Outback 4 cylinder.