1988 PORSCHE 924S-SE Special Edition


Rare Special Edition 1988 Porsche 924S-SE’s are getting harder to find as only 500 were to be made for the U.S. market. It seems less than half are believed to still exist, and values for this niche model are in an up swing! Even though Porsche allowed customers to add on comfort and convenient options, Special Edition 924 models with the least, to 0 options added, are becoming the more rare and sought after cars. Those who added, ac, sunroof, radio, etc, added more weight to the already lighter, more powerful, M030 club sport pkg Porsche designed it to be! Recently, base 924S’s have shown interest at Amelia Island, and Monterey Car week 2017 selling in $20,000 range. Shouldn’t the lighter, better equipped, better handling, 160hp, Limited Edition 924S draw more desire to collect and own? The 912 was obscured and over looked only a couple years back, and now look at the price tags. 924 Turbos are being snatched up by the handful by Porsche car enthusiast and collector Magnus Walker who currently owns about 12 to 16,
924 Turbos since the last time I spoke with him at Werks Reunion at Amelia Island. Who knows where the market is silently creeping up to. You just never know.


They seem to have risen then flattened out. Certainly both the 924S SE and 931 are desirable cars and IMHO will continue to increase in value as people reflect on how good they actually were. I personally like the pure design of the 924 before they morphed in 944s… although the 944 has a distinctive and good look as well :). I will say… today I like the 924 look better.


I agree, let’s see if any sell again at Amelia Island next year or Monterey car week coming up and hope they sell for $20k again or more for 924S models. I have an 87S and 88SE, and recently a 77 924 non sunroof car with tartan inserts on the seats. Purchased from original owners with original bill of sale from 1977. Such a cool little car, that was used and enjoyed frequently through out its life. I noticed lately that 924S models take longer to sell than early 924 models. I’d like to find a 79 Sebring edition 924 with the red plaid/tartan interior. Can’t find one for sale in the U.S.


Hi JMZ, would love to talk to you. I bought a 1981 turbo and a 1988 SE. I have been a BMW fan for years and I am currently restoring an 850i 6sp. However these little Porsche 924s are neat cars. The 81 seems in very good shape, body nice and straight, no dings or dents. However it needs a tune up, the drivers seat restored and I will see if I can salvage the paint. Seems in pretty good shape for a car that sat in a shed with two old pickup trucks for the last 12yrs. The SE I don’t have much history on, however it drives great. It was only the second 924 I had driven and I was fairly impressed. I,m happy with the purchase as everything seems to work, body has a few minor dents and an aftermarket front and rear air dams. The paint is good but the front and rear seat fabric has basically fallen apart. I’m looking to source some fabric either from 924Werks or…somewhere else, perhaps a custom fabric shop. Cheers -Rick


Almost forgot, there is a 77 Martini for sale in Colorado Springs if that interests you. Check it out on Craigslist.


Congratulations on your purchase. As far as the fabric for the seats, there is a place in California that has the material and they restore seats, but they seem to not care about customer service or new clients from out of town as they do not respond to multiple emails and phone calls. Really though, to replace the fabric with the same super thin, fragile material, is it worth it? How much weight reduction vs a tartan look on the seat inserts is really going to affect the value in the future? I’m over it by now. The important thing is the option codes on the SE. Does yours have the limited slip differential?


I don’t think so. The options sticker has the following codes C02, G57, 160, 526, 573, 650, 657, 756, 990. I have found all but the first three, AC, Sunroof, power steering, cloth seats/door panels… but those first three codes, not sure what those are? I would like to bring it back to as close to original as possible, looking to source the interior fabric from Germany at the werk924 website. Another option is to pull these seats and replace them with some other 924/944 seats while keeping the originals stored away for refinishing at some future date.


Hey, option code C02 means with catalytic converter, 160 is Charleston radio. Can’t find the other code! How’s the SE coming along? A PCA member was asking $16,000 for his 924SE with like 56k miles, on craigslist, ebay and PCA classifieds for about 2 moths or so and didn’t sell. He recently took it to Monterey car week, placed it at the Mecum Auction there which I think was a bad move since Mecum is mostly a hot rod American classic, and restomod, type of auction, car sold for $11,000. But a 1989 944 Turbo S with very low miles SOLD for $72,000 at the Gooding & Company auction same week. I think the SE was placed at the wrong auction and to early in the week. RM & Sotheby’s or Gooding & Company would have been a better place to sell I think ! He had the wheels painted black too. Oh well!


Hey JMZ, it’s coming. I decided to take your advice and put different seats in there. That fabric 1) Seems really fragile 2) Isn’t that great looking 3) Has a yucky feeling texture. So I got some nice vinyl seat front and rear. I reconditioned them, re-dyed them and they look 100% better than the torn fabric ones. Put struts on front and rear so the hood and hatch are back in good working order. Fixed the blown out lights all around and a couple other small electrical issues. Also had to swap the wheels on the driver side as hey had the wider one upfront?? Next is a body shop, has a few door dings etc… around the body and need to get that taken care of. Also would like to recondition my wheels, they are painted a strange gray color. Not sure whether to go stock looking or to go with a silver/brushed aluminum look? Not black though :slight_smile: I did see the Monterey Mecum car online. Did not get a chance to watch the auction though.


That’s great! Stock rims in original silver would look the best. Enjoy the restoration, make sure you address the important things like the timing belt and tensioner along with the water pump. Keeping these cars running cool and timing belt maintanence is what keeps these cars alive .