1991 Honda Accord Wagon - Modern Classic


An unexpectedly personal exchange transpired when I mentioned to my girlfriend’s parents that I would be borrowing a 1991 Honda Accord wagon from the Honda museum collection in Torrance, California, for a “modern classic” drive feature.

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I came across your article when looking up info on the 1991 Honda Accords. I have a 1991 Honda Accord station wagon EX (top trim level) and I LOVE it. At 187,600 miles, we’ve (my family) have only had a handful of small issues, I will get to those later. Here’s some history of this fine beast. In the late 90s, my grandpa was working for John Elway Toyota when he saw this car come in on a trade in. I am not sure how many miles were on it back then, but he knew it would be a great car and bought it. Unfortunately soon after he bought it, my grandpa developed lung cancer and died shortly afterward. The Honda Accord sat for several years in my grandmas driveway, with the sun bearing down on its brown paint causing it to fade. 2004 comes along, and at this point I am only 4 years old. My moms car that she rented (Toyota Camery) time was up and we needed a new car. My dad went over to my grandmas house, put in a new battery and it started right up. My sister and I were raised in that car. We still have Dora the explorer stickers stuck on the back windows hahaha. Throughout the years, we have driven that car over and over and it keeps performing well. My dad drives 42 miles each day to work. In order to keep the miles off, he switches between his car (2006 Ford Taurus) and the Honda. My dad drives all highway miles to work, and the old 4 cylinder may not be able to race cars on the highway, but it gets from point A to point B just fine. My dad makes sure to drive it very conservatively and carefully each day. My whole family loves our honda. My dad (whos a Ford man at heart) has been very pleased with the reliableity of the car, and how great it drives in snow storms (we live in Denver Colorado). My mom loves the handeling and how easy it is to get in and out of tight parking spaces with it. I have always loved the Honda, even before I could drive. Now with me driving it, I love the cozy feel of it, handling and the AMAZING heater it has, and just how iconic the car is. Everyone at my school all knows its my car because there’s simply just no car that looks like the Honda Accord station wagon. We love how we can use the honda to transport so many different things. With the back seats folding down, we move lawn mowers, small furniture and so on. But a 27 year old car is bound to have some issues. The back two windows don’t roll down anymore (thanks to my sister and I breaking them as kids), the AC has had a leak in it for several years, so summer can be a hot time. The window washer pump has worn out. And some other small very minor issues. In that cars life, I can think of 3 major issues we’ve had with it, and two of them to do with oil leaks. Two years ago, a piece of the radiator that connects the hose to the actual radiator rusted off from 25 years of wear. We put a new radiator in it. Then while driving last year on a busy highway in Denver, the car just completely shut down…in the middle lane. After getting it towed to the shop, We learned that there had been a oil leak that had been slowing leaking oil onto the spark plugs in the engine. Over time this oil leak completely want through the wires and shut the car down. Fixed the oil leak and had to put in new spark plugs. Unfortunately oil leaks in cars in Colorado are not unusual due to the high and dry elevation, gaskets dry out faster and lose their seal sooner. The last major issue was a couple weeks ago where all of the sudden the transmission started slipping bad. We took it to a great mechanic shop that specializes in older Honda’s. They found a leak in the line from the radiator to the transmission that was leaking transmission fluid, therefore not getting enough fluid to let the transmission function properly. After flushing out the old transmission fluid and fixing the leak, the car had been driving amazing. Yes it does vibrate A LOT (mostly at stop lights) like you said haha, and unfortunately it is a hot item for theft. In Denver, Honda Accords are ranked #2 for most stolen cars. To wrap up this long story of my Honda Accord station wagon, It’s a great car and still running strong. As long as you take very good care of it, it will last. Great job to the Honda engineers who built and designed that station wagon. If you would like more info on the mechanic shop where we took the honda to, or pictures of it, or just more info. Feel free to E mail me at Jrank@myfrcs.org and I would be happy to get back to you with any questions you may have.


@Jrank - Sounds like you really have connected to that Accord! great to hear a story of someone’s passion for their car of choice. Enjoy the drive!