1995 Mustang - 1st gen Roush Stage 3


Hi. I am a Ford Mustang aficionado who recently purchased #11 of the 18 first generation Stage 3 Roush Mustangs ever built. It is fully documented and part of the build was actually done by @LarryWebster as part of a 1997 Car and Driver article. It currently has 17,940 miles and is in great shape. Love this car.

Here it is as it was being delivered a couple of weeks ago:


Here’s its SN95 stablemate - 1998 Steeda Cobra #11:

Other than Saleens, this generation really does not get much attention. I love them though.


Holy smokes! Yes, I remember that car very well. It’s a beast!! Wow. Congrats on the find. Thanks for reaching out. Where are you located???



Hi there. Thanks for responding! I am in Miami, FL but the Roush was in East OH where it spent most of its life (some time in WV). After the Roush build, the car was sold at an OH dealer. That new owner then sold it to his business partner who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. I then bought it from his widow and her son.

While planning my trip to OH to close the deal, I thought of an evil plan to drive the car to Dearborn, MI, and leave it in storage until August. I would have loved to visit Roush Performance, attend the Woodward Cruise, and the Mustang Memories car show at Ford World HQ. Unfortunately, the car had not been driven for a while and I decided not to take any unnecessary risks. I am now slowly bringing it back to its old glory.


You dont see much love for the SN95 Mustangs yet. I personally have two. 1994 Cobra convertible Pace Car #858 and a 1998 Saleen S281 #143 in Bright Atlantic Blue.


Very nice. Those are good ones to have as well. I love BAB! One of my favorite colors.


This past week, South Florida Ford was shooting a documentary on Mustang heritage. They wanted to showcase one Mustang from every generation and I was invited to bring an SN95. I took the Roush. The location was the estate of a local Mustang collector.

The nose you see on the left is a 1968 Shelby GT500KR convertible:

She is a magazine girl after all:


love seeing other sn95’s, keep posting pics!


Thanks. Here are some more…

*Jack Roush signing #11 during the Ecoboost 400 this past November

Here is the 1997 issue and article from @LarryWebster