2000 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG


Why is it that the 2000 SL500 and SL600 are on the Hagerty collectible list and the 2000 E55 is not? It’s an early AMG!


@awsharpless I’m part of Hagerty’s valuation department so perhaps I can help. I’d like to start off by assuring you that just because we haven’t talked about the E55 or included it in our price guide, it doesn’t mean that our intent has been to imply non-collector status. We also do not maintain a definitive list of what is collectible and what isn’t, conductibility should be determined by the individual. We talk about the SL500 and SL600 because they are abundant and they are contained in the price guide. The E55 is one we see from time to time but we haven’t had the leading indicators of it being the next up and coming hot car in the market… yet.


Thank you Greg for your response and clarification.
I always thought the cars included in the valuation tool was based on rarity and collector status.