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Doug Clark grew up in the Motor City and saw “new American steel on every street corner.” So it’s no wonder his neighbors’ German-built automobiles stood out. “They had a son, Bernie, who worked on their Mercedes-Benzes, and that gave me a window into cars that were nothing like what I saw on the road. I loved sitting in the garage with Bernie and watching him work.” Doug also enjoyed riding in his grandparents’ 1975 Volkswagen Beetle whenever he visited their summer cottage. “It was small and old and had a manual transmission. I loved the way it sounded and drove. It was fun and direct – so unlike what I was used to.”

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If this goes to Doug Clark, I loved the writeup! Can you tell me what years Audi produced the TT Baseball Edition … Gray body color with Baseball seats? Was it produced in both 180 and 225 Quattro versions? Which one and which year is recommended and why? Other than online used car websites can you suggest a source to locate a concourse condition Audi TT Baseball Edition auto? Many Thanks, Michael Brock


I’m not sure there was a baseball edition roadster.
But there have been a few special edition roadsters over the lifespan of the mk1 TT with amber red baseball stitched interiors.
I have a 2006 Special Commemorative Edition TT Quattro Roadster in Quartz Grey Metallic with Amber Red Baseball Stitched seats and the 250hp 3.2 liter
6 cylinder engine with 40,600 original miles on it if you’re interested. (upload://o4Vhl9Vzk8LAf1FKhw27xhefQ4h.jpeg) p


I have a 2001 TT coupe 225 Quattro 6 spd Turbo. Even at almost 20 years old and 196,000 KMS, it’s an exhilarating car to drive with wonderful acceleration and tight handling and I love the unique styling. I’ve considered updating to a more recent Mark II models but as nice as they are, they feel and drive like a modern delux sports sedan rather than a sports car and not for me. Prefer the manual transmission over the automatic
I like the roadster and it’s lines, but lament the limited trunk space. The coupe, with rear “seats ?” folded down offers enough luggage space for a week away or 2 sets of golf clubs and bags, regretfully not possible with the roadster. The Mark I’s are available for a very reasonable price and with their German engineering plus proper maintenance should be good for many years to come. Great buy if you choose wisely


To mb1 - I believe that the color / interior combination that you’re referring to was on the Neiman Marcus edition. It was and is still one of my favorite Audis.