2005 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster Electrical Problem :((

Took a 150 mile drive one day last month. ABS warning light came on at about mile 120. Then E-gear warning light came on about mile 135. Stopped for fuel at mile 145, restarted car and the warning lights went away. Drove home uneventfully.

A week later I went to take the car for a ride and…no dash lights, no gauges working, no front shock absorber lifting function, no power to rear radiator fans. I drove it to my mechanic’s shop and on the way the car over heated and erupted. Of course, no gauge to tell me coolant temperature and tip me off about the dead radiator fans. The rest of the trip was on a flatbed tow truck. Ignominious.

My revered and storied Ferrari/Lamborghini/Maserati mechanic is stymied. He’s been searching for the problem for 5 weeks.

Car starts up fine, runs fine, charges battery fine. Radio, cigarette lighter, windows and headlights work.

Any ideas? Please, please, please, please.

Rob Siegel, where are you?? :)) Coming to the San Fernando Valley anytime soon?

maybe find a wiring diagram somewhere?
Otherwise, perhaps a loose ground somewhere in the system.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, those are the very things we’ve gone over…and are still going over. Legible wiring diagrams seem to be rarer than hen’s teeth, however. But I can see you know what you’re talking about. It should be simple, right?


The other thing to look into is whether or not the onboard computer brain box is getting enough power to function correctly. I’ve never had anything as spiffy as a lambo, but most 21st century cars have those. I remember my 02 Prius and even our 06 Buick did really strange stuff when the regular 12 volt battery was low or the computer brain box wasn’t getting enough juice.

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Good point about the battery. ‘Unfortunately’ I just installed a brand new Interstate MTZ-34R, 800 cca rated and measured at 875 cca. Plenty of juice. But your point is well taken. Before I installed that new battery my windows had a mind of their own.

Hi again 01ksdavis,

Well, I think we may be getting close. I believe that its been whittled down to the “brain box” as you said. Or in the case of Lamborghini, the GFA control unit module. It seems that possibly it is faulty and not that it is not getting enough voltage. Although all the instruments it controls check out well, it’s time to see if the outbound signals are at fault. I’ll know in a day or two.

Great to know!

I hope you get it back on the road again soon, with so much of summer left.


Yes it does sound like a ground is loose or has slipped out and although I am not a Maserati mech. these things always seem to be somewhere that you cannot reach or see.