2008–09 Pontiac G8: A market driver you need to experience

It has been nearly nine years since Pontiac was mercilessly killed off by GM executives. Poncho fans everywhere are still bitter about it, and we’re more than happy to tell you about it. The loss wouldn’t sting so much, except that towards the end Pontiac started to offer cars that appealed to enthusiasts again, thanks to Bob Lutz’s deal with Holden.

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The G8 Truck…any mention of it just makes my blood boil. It was soooo close. I wanted one so bad I could taste it. Driving a Cadillac CTS-V Station Wagon now, would trade it in a heartbeat for an LS-engined Ute.

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Greg: You mention the Chevy SS. How is it doing, Valuation-wise?

Funny you should ask. They are one of the newest additions to the Hagerty Price Guide and they’re doing quite well. The only depreciation I have noticed has been mileage related not market related. To me that speaks volumes to how collectible it is already.


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I enjoyed my 2008 GT for a commuter and family sedan. The worst part about it was the automatic transmission. Even with a tune it just never seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Shame the stick was saved for the GXP.

As the original owner of an 09 GXP I can verify its the only car I’ve owned that can smoke a Mustang GT with 4 guys and 4 bags of golf clubs in it. Don’t ask how I know.

I have a 2009 Pontiac G8 with the V6. I have owned it for about 7 years now. I absolutely love the car. It’s sad, but it is probably the best GM 4 door that most people don’t even know about.

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I owned a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT, bought in April 2009, a week later GM announced the end of Pontiac. Enjoyed the car except for on nagging issue. The air conditioning never worked. It would not cool the interior on a warm sunny day. Had it checked at the dealer and at a respected cooling and air service repair facility. Both said it was within spec. There was something about the variable speed compressor. Again, except for that issue, great car.

I have owned my G8 GT since it was released. A great car and I wonder what it would have become had it been allowed time to mature.

When the G8 was released, the aftermarket jumped on it and there was a plethora of performance and cosmetic parts. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the supply has dried and interesting parts are becoming harder to find.

I have an 09 G8 GT that I have owned since 2016. It’s a great car and very few know what it is, and even less know what it can do. When I do find someone who knows exactly what it is, I know I’ve just met a car guy (or gal). And as the owner of 4 El Caminos, including a '72 454 SS, I was greatly heartbroken the G8 ST was scrubbed at the last minute. I was ready to go buy one. I guess all I can do is drive my El Camino, and then my G8, and just imagine what could have been.

You could tell that GM had already killed off Pontiac mentally when they dropped two iconic names like the Grand AM and Grand Prix, and tossed out such nothing ones as G6 & G8. The G8 was a great car and GM didn’t give a damn about marketing it. The last thing they wanted was successful arrowhead sales.

The G8 GT V8 was rated at 355 hp.
Also near the end of production SLP also offered a much less expensive naturally aspirated version of the G8 Firehawk with 385 hp.
34 total G8 Firehawks
20 GT Supercharged (1 was a pilot car)
9 GXP Supercharged (1 with auto trans)
5 GT Naturally Aspirated

Thanks for the Firehawk Production numbers. I am aware of the NA cars but have yet to see one sell publicly.

As for the GT HP numbers, that is pulled straight from the Pontiac sales literature. They list it as 361hp, so we list that. https://www.xr793.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/2009-Pontiac-G8-Dealer.pdf

Is there any literature that you are aware of that states 355? I’d like to check it out.

I believe there is a guy in Denver Colorado converting Utes to left hand drive. Lefthandutes.com I think is there address. And for the Canadians I have heard of a guy in Edmonton Alberta importing utes as well but not converting them.

Firehawk Fiercest of the Firebirds, by Mac Logan is my go to source. That being said, 355 or 361 is splitting hairs I suppose.

The TV ads for the G8 spoke to me in a big way and I’m not really an American car guy. To this day I’m still drawn to them. Such a shame that they never got to realize there full development potential.

I could not for the life of me understand why GM did not simply rebrand the G8 as a Chevrolet and allow one of its best designs in a long time to survive? Might explain why GM went bankrupt in the first place.

My uncle do as he re-buy his 2009 G8 from his neighbor after 3 years. It is a nice 4-door and I enjoyed learning how to drive with it but he had to sell it in '15 to fund a business. We’ll just finish installing the skid plate and off road tires plus led light bars on the current Wrangler project and we’ll work on the G8. It was somehow neglected when it comes to maintenance but glad still in great shape.

Hi Greg,
I have a Pontiac brochure for all models for 2008 which states 335hp+ but does go on with the caveat that it is pre-production numbers.

I think part of the formula for having a successful muscle car is one that not only performs like one but looks like one. In my humble opinion, the G8 does not look like a muscle car. It looks like a businessman‘s car that happens to have a big motor in it. If you want to drive a sleeper car then it fits the bill. But I like to drive a car that not only looks like it will haul, but it WILL haul.
If you want respect you bring a pretty girl to the party. And if you bring one that’s fun as well, then you’re the hit of the party.