$200K for a 1987 Buick GNX with 8.5 miles isn’t as crazy as it sounds


Right after I picked up my chin from the floor, the recent $200,000 sale of a like-new 1987 Buick GNX had me reaching for a calculator. The GNX in question shows just 8.5 miles on the odometer, meaning it drove an average of just over a quarter-mile per year. That’s 467.5 yards. Or 1402.5 feet. In other words, fewer than four feet per day. Think about that the next time you get out of bed and walk a few feet into bathroom.

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Incorrect info —four times the average value of a GNX in #1 (Concours) condition—GNX avg value in #1 condition is $123K. Link and statement refer to average value of a Grand National in #1 condition which is ~$50K


@kna4977 - Sharp eye. Thanks for letting us know, we are correcting our math now.


And imagine those numbers if it was a 1970 GSX…


Considering that most vehicles had 2-3 miles on odometer when they rolled off the truck at the dealership…


Homey (the clown) don’t play dat…
Rare, yes. Semi-fast, yes. $200,000 worth? I don’t think so…
It’s still a late 1980’s American car (albeit a “special” one). Does anyone remember how poorly built pretty much every American car was from @1975 to 1990?
Here’s the worst of 1987. See many import cars on that list?
Worst Cars of 1987

Also, semi-fast is a good description of even a GNX.
Heck, even the 1987 Vette only had a blazing 240HP w/345Ft.Lbs of torque sporting its “Tuned Port Injection and Roller Lifters”… Woooo! LoL…


Homey (the clown) don’t play dat…

Then don’t.