2018 Bull Market List: The 9 hottest collectible cars right now


If you're in this game solely to make money, you’re really a car dealer more than a car enthusiast. Knowledge and wits are your guide as you assemble an inventory that can be retailed for a profit. The last thing you listen to is your heart, because what you like in a car doesn’t matter; it only matters what the customers want.

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I am surprised that there is no mention or valuation adjustment of the M3 competition coupe for the 2005-2006 model years.


@jcbyers when the Valuation department identified the E46 series of M3 for the article, we considered the generation as a whole. Our figures cited in the article looks at all variants (base M3, ZCP as well as the SMG equipped cars). Not mentioning the Competition cars is more oversight than a suggestion that they are not going anywhere. We have recently reviewed these cars for updates to the price guide coming this winter and are seeing indications of the market moving up.


Thoughts on the Z4M Roadster?


One look at the Firebird Firehawk and there is absolutely no question why Pontiac is no longer around. Gorp put on with a shovel.


I happen to be the lucky owner of a 1994 Firehawk, 1 of the 3 that were ordered with rare 1SA (base) option package. The difference between mine and the other 2 is that mine was NOT equipped with power windows, door locks, or power window. You can can check out the RPO codes…build number 480 of the 500 that were made that year. I have already verified with the other 2 owners with 1SA option code that their were definitely equipped with power windows, locks and mirrors, making mine one of one built that year that did not have those options…maybe one of one EVER made that didn’t come equipped that way, regardless of the year, but I’m not absoultely sure…but at any rate, it’s the RAREST of the rare, and I’m proud to be the owner. 45K original untouched miles…no mods. YAY! Freddy


HireFawk - see what you can do with flipping letters. Grand Am? Grand Ma
Land Rover? Rand Lover.Ford? Dorf. Chevy? Yevch. Passat? AssTap. Eldorado? Ale odor .all in good fun


I think M cars are always a good choice. M Coupes are seeing an uptick in interest so Roadsters are naturally a good car to keep an eye on.


regarding the first gen K5 Blazer/Jimmy - the concept (as seen in the GM Photo Store) dated back to 1962 where a utility vehicle was under development until GM decided to use a shortened version of its short wheelbase 1/2 ton light duty truck - GM had it right from the start where it became a short wheelbase version of its Suburban carryall which used components from the C/K parts bin (also not mentioned in the article is the LH frame rail where the steering box is mounted - this is a known section which can splinter after running tire diameters over 35 inches where a reinforcement plate must be welded in and regarding the rust issues - both the first and second gen do not have adequate rustproofing - reproduction sheetmetal is available for the first generation but not the second gen where offshore stampings r currently offered (including the hard to find windshield header if its a 1973-75 model including the torque/rocker box panels where used panels must be sourced or fabricated


Going to sound stupid but what about the H2 hummers? The price is just so low to get one right now I assume its bottomed out and will eventually rise.