2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


One pass at western Michigan’s US131 drag strip with a pro at the wheel left us a quivering pool of protoplasm. The combination of horizontal-g and body rotation during launch is your first tongue kiss, plunge off a diving board, and tequila shot rolled into one. You’re instantly hooked on this g-potion and will do anything to score more. That’s what the new Demon, an ultrafocused special edition of the Dodge Challenger from Fiat Chrysler’s in-house tuning arm, SRT, does to a passenger. Imagine the sensations when you’re behind the wheel.

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I am excited to see the first customer/owner dragstrip passes for Demons. I’m curious to see what they will be able to turn without Dodge setting them up and having a well prepped track.


So it will be the car’s fault if the driver isn’t as good as Dodge’s pro or the track isn’t as well prepped? Its an NHRA certified run that they have the numbers on. And it is the best of many runs, but they make no attempt to argue against that.

It would be like going to the drag nationals and saying, “Oh yeah, well I’ll bet it won’t do that kinda speed with Joe Weekend Racer driving on a test and tune day prepped track”. No, no it wont.


@boogtc25 - You’re right, and that’s exactly it. I’m curious to see what the Demon will do in the real world, or better yet, how many owners will track them.


You have to give Chrysler props on doing their best to control dealer gouging on Demon purchases. Putting cars ordered that had a dealer imposed tariff to the end of the line for assembly was a brilliant idea. The idea was it may end up running out of build time to produce the dealer taxed orders. Wonder if they will release the results of this idea. Would be a good idea if all manufacturers did that.