2019 Bull Market List: 10 best collector cars to buy this year


When the gavel came down on lot number 372 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas this past September, it smashed any remaining illusions that modern mass-produced cars will never be collectible. The 1997 Acura Integra Type R with 1191 miles showing hammered at $63,800, a startling figure for what is basically a gussied-up Honda hatchback. Indeed, the Integra outperformed a bumblebee yellow 1970 Dodge Charger 440 and a Highland Green (of course) 1968 Mustang 289 fastback, two collectible-car perennials that went across the same block that weekend. What, you might ask, is the world coming to?

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Nice to see the Pontiac G8 GXP on this year’s list. I own the lowly GT model that I purchased new in 2008. I’m hoping mine will get a little love someday too! These Holden cars are amazing and too bad they are no longer being made! My G8 puts a smile on my face each time I’m behind the wheel.


So great to see representation of the MR2, I’ve owned an 88 Supercharged for over 10 years now and to see it being appreciated in this way is amazing! I always get a lot of great comments and a great parking space at our local Caffeine & Carburetors show each year… So much fun!!! Thanks for a great magazine and awesome insurance!

Don McCoy


Really a diverse list…with even the Station Wagon! Wondering if Mitsubishi’s Starion ESR-r (not the Conquest!) will ever rise up?


Really? The Buick Station Wagon? I think someone was re-kindling the youth of the National Lampoons Vacations years! Haha. But in retrospect, there probably is something iconic about it from the 90’s…


Where’s my 924?!
Cool car, and not many good ones remain.00k0k_7kfA8KX1xqF_600x450


hey…what about the most sexy BMW in the 90’s ? That would be the 8-seeries of course !


I expected to see the 944/924 on this list as well, but good ones are becoming difficult to find. My ‘88 924S Special Edition is still a hoot!


That’s right. I have one also. Cherish every minute of time with them, they’re far more interesting than anything else on this list except for that BMW. Everything else here is typical junk you’d see in any strip mall parking lot, Yourtown, USA.



I think 924S & 944 were last year. Be glad they’re off the list, now we can love them and the “investors” can go look at Boxsters, and ignore us once again. I don’t know about you, but I love showing up at Porsche events with the only 924, in a sea of silver, PDK 98-03 Boxsters.


I am among those who don’t find the Buick wagon to be an odd choice. I have fond memories of my mother-in-laws Roadmaster wagon. True, it’s not that fun to drive when the road gets twisty, and the steering was made to ease parking effort, and not to give feedback. With that car, I did three trips from New Mexico to Michigan and back, and another to West Virginia and back. It gobbled highway with aplomb. I loved that it could take a full sheet of drywall or other standard materials with the back seat folded down,negating any need for a pickup truck back then. My grown children get misty eyed when they talk about riding in the rear facing 3rd row seat, and the Vista Cruiser glass in the second row. It was amazingly fast for the day. There was always a running joke with my 3 brothers-in-law, about the fight we would have over that car when she passed. Oddly, by the time she died none of us had a use for it, and it was reluctantly sold. Despite my passion for classic British/European sports cars and sedans, I find myself trolling the classifieds from time to time, for a nice original Roadmaster wagon. BTW, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile had their own delightful permutations of these as well.


[quote=" The 1997 Acura Integra Type R with 1191 miles showing hammered at $63,800, a startling figure for what is basically a gussied-up Honda hatchback.

WHO writes this crap?! An Integra Type-R is FAR from a “gussied up Honda hatchback.” Absolutely unbelievable. What, is it a sticker kit, like some 70’s Mustang II? Perhaps this “writer” should spend more time learning about these cars, rather than insulting it multiple times, e.g, “what, you might ask, is the world coming to?”


Isn’t it based on a Civic Type R? Which is essentially a gussied up Civic? Much like a Shelby GT500 is a gussied up Mustang? Or a Cobra is a gussied up AC Ace? Just checking to see what applies.


i’m curious as to why the 1999 to 2003 Aston Martin DB7 Volantes are not on the list. The V12 420HP engine and the rarity of the cars with a total of only just over 2,000 produced world wide are certainly attractive at current market levels.


You inspired me to add a photo of my own (which is admittedly not as nice as your “S”).


You probably mean TipTronic. PDK’s didn’t come around until 2009, and are waaaayyyy better than the old automatics.


You could even say the GT350 was just a gussied version of a Mustang, which was just a gussied up version of the Ford Falcon, which was most certainly a lower-caliber appliance than the Honda Accord. I think the writer just assumed he was writing for the 55+ yr old collector who might be forgiven for ignoring the Integra Type-R when it was new.


Why not a Conquest? Still love my two owner Quest.


I agree on the 924/944. Personally, owning some '80’s BMWs and Porsches, I think the 944 is the most under appreciated, fun to drive, best handling car for very reasonable money.


I cars that aren’t depreciating are a sign of future appreciation, I would add the Honda S2000 in either AP1 or AP2 variations. Basically, a race car with the in-town manners of 6-speed Civic. But oh my, what happens when the clock strikes 7,500!