2019 Bull Market List: 10 best collector cars to buy this year


X100 Jaguar XK series from 1997-2006 are beautiful to look at, have obvious ties to the E-type heritage, were available with a supercharger, and most importantly are available for under $10,000, sometimes well under $10,000.00. I recently did an inspection for a Jaguar forum member on a car that ran very well, convertible functioned properly, yes it needed some cosmetic work, but it was $4000.00! It has aged, I think, better than its stablemate from the same era, the Aston DB7, at a fraction of its cost. I recently decided to freshen my 2002 XKR with 170,000 miles on it, because although I have a much more powerful X150 5.0L XKR, I still love my 2002 for its sheer beauty and timeless design. They won’t go much lower and their classic design seem destined to make them bargain basement investments.


Absolutely agree. If you haven’t driven an ITR you have no idea how much fun it is. One of the purest driving experiences out there with no traction control holding out the fun. I believe that the ITR and even the Integra GSR will increase in value in the years to come.


I never see the 2005 Dodge Ram Daytona mentioned. I believe only 900 of the two door GoManGo paint were produced. I’ve had mine since 2006, a left over model than no body wanted and the dealer wanted to get rid of it. It still hauls BUT, all original including the Daytona wing and lettering. I’ve driven it for 50,000 faithful miles.


Yeah, Im not really sure where that came from. If a hand assembled, blueprinted engine and a stitch welded chassis are “gussied up” then I dont really know.


No, different platforms entirely.


You’re absolutely right; much of the ITR is hand-built- Honda shopped out much of the engine to very small shops in Japan, with decades of experience building high-performance race and aircraft engines. It’s unbelievable, old-world Japanese craftsmanship. They also lost money on each one sold at a premium. It’s unbelievable that this “writer” would find it troubling that this car sold for a reasonable price, what it is worth, essentially, given it’s rarity, condition, build quality, extremely limited production and yes, mystique. If I had the cash, I would have bid $70 grand to take it home with me, hide it from the world and only drive it on lonely, forgotten back roads on sunny, cool days, the first thing in the morning as fast I could go, while it’s at perfect, concours-quality detail level.

And I’m not even a Honda guy.

But the R stands for RESPECT.


Hang on to your 944 for dear life, and take care of her! Who cares if they take off or not, after driving many Porsches, the one I will always go back to, obsessively, lovingly and excitably, is a “base” pre-85.5 update, 944, or 87-88 924S. They’re just… perfection.

And BTW, nobody called them “slow” 30 years ago. How fast do you want to go, anyways? “Modern traffic?” Why are you driving one of them in traffic anyways? Find a lonely, rural back road with no concept of speed limit, no traffic, nothing but cornfields, sunshine, woods and turns, and nail it.


Exactly, but I’m sure this “writer” would call that a “gussied up Honda hatchback” as well.



Hopefully my 2008 g8 increases in value as it was such a limited color option


I’m thinking that the M Roadster should be a contender. Fuel injected straight six with a stated 240HP, this car has been so much fun to drive, and its been completely reliable over some pretty long trips! Lots of curves, I know the body design isn’t for everyone, but I’ve loved this one from the day it was first introduced, but I sure couldn’t have afforded the 60 grand it woulda cost back then! I’ve been told that mine is fairly rare, having the dealer installed AC Schnitzer options. I think good examples can still be had around 15K, but they didn’t make a whole lot of them, I think 2500 units per model year out of the South Carolina BMW facility, and lots of them went to Europe.


Those wheels look fantastic!


Thanks! I’ve had them refurbished, I originally thought they were chrome but the hoops are polished aluminum.


I originally wanted the car in Laguna Seca blue, so I had her covered with spray on vinyl called Autoflex.
Its been this way for two years, but there are imperfections in the coating and I’m thinking of peeling it off to take back to original , but I’m torn. I love the blue, but the original Silver is now looking much better to me.
any thoughts?


Always loved these! Very under appreciated.


Agreed! So hard to find more top down fun, for so little money!


Lets not forget the 2003 Audi RS6. Brought to the US for 1 year and only 1473 made it. 4.2 Bi turbo with 450 base HP. Fun car to drive.


Happy and sad to see the Bronco on the list.
Happy: Grandfather father owned an 85. Previously owned and souped by a state trooper
Custom graphics, meaty tires, American Racing Cookie Cutter Wheels, fog lights, Brush guard, car phone and an 3 stage Alarm system that constantly malfunctioned.
Sad: Now the prices are going up :confused:


These are nice cars love my 1979 924 Turbo with just 55,000 km and is a very early car
and ROW mmodel1979 was just 950 cars made and my car was a Porsche factory show car, with 1050 kg and the 170 hp + it is a fast and cool car !




My 924 1979 Turbo, cool factory car


How about my beauty ? Nothing says “SPECIAL” as does the 8-series BMW !