2019 Bull Market List: 10 best collector cars to buy this year


X100 Jaguar XK series from 1997-2006 are beautiful to look at, have obvious ties to the E-type heritage, were available with a supercharger, and most importantly are available for under $10,000, sometimes well under $10,000.00. I recently did an inspection for a Jaguar forum member on a car that ran very well, convertible functioned properly, yes it needed some cosmetic work, but it was $4000.00! It has aged, I think, better than its stablemate from the same era, the Aston DB7, at a fraction of its cost. I recently decided to freshen my 2002 XKR with 170,000 miles on it, because although I have a much more powerful X150 5.0L XKR, I still love my 2002 for its sheer beauty and timeless design. They won’t go much lower and their classic design seem destined to make them bargain basement investments.


Absolutely agree. If you haven’t driven an ITR you have no idea how much fun it is. One of the purest driving experiences out there with no traction control holding out the fun. I believe that the ITR and even the Integra GSR will increase in value in the years to come.