2019 Collector Car Madness Bracket: Round 2 heats up

Chevy versus Plymouth, BMW versus Nissan, Bentley versus Ford—we’ve been settling some scores (as well as answering some questions nobody was asking) in Hagerty’s 2019 Collector Car Madness bracket. We’re matching up popular cars among Boomer, Pre-Boomer, Gen Xer, and Millennial car enthusiasts against each other and asking you to vote for your favorites on the Hagerty Facebook page. The series of 1-on-1 polls determine which vehicles advance from each round.

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So much for my bracket… I picked 7 of 8, but had the Charger winning it all. But since it was a GT350 beating the Charger, I can’t be too upset!

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I’m not joining facebook just to vote on this.

Final four should be Vette, Mustang, Camaro, and 55 Chev with the Vette the winner

How did the Vette not get 100% in that 1st round? Who in their right mind picks a Prowler over a C2?