2019 Collector Car Madness Bracket: Round 3 brings the Semifinals

Our 2019 Collector Car Madness bracket is down to the last four cars, and now that we’re into the semifinals, generations will finally clash. And by clash, we mean go against each other in a poll on the Hagerty Facebook page. The winners will go on to the championship round.

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Thank God no 944s. It’s heartbreaking, watching millennials destroy them.

I don’t use social media of any sort: too bad for your polling. It will be weighted towards milenials’ preferences.


Eleanor is gong to take it all, and I’m a Chevy guy.

@NOSBS2T Can you elaborate? As far as I can tell, there’s more interest in 944s than there has been for a while as collectors. Or are we talking about physical destruction?

Can’t believe the Vette lost out to a Mustang. Must be a rigged tournament.

Go visit an independent Porsche mechanic and see what happens when a 25 year old shows up with a sad, neglected, eBay or CL special he found for $2500 OBO that needs at least 3-4 grand put into it. After he storms out, furiously Tweeting about “Rip Off!!1” to some other millennial “car guy,” and makes fun of it, calling it “dog slow”, and contemplates an “LS swap,” the poor car will end up back where it was found, advertised as a “Porshe,” but with some Walmart or Pep Boys “Racing” seat covers, to be sold for $4000 since it’s “in demand” as a “collector car.”

The same is true, and equally sad for the fate of many 90s Boxsters, NA Miatas, Z3’s, etc.

Exactly. Don’t start, either.

It’ll be interesting to see if the GT350 and Camaro slug it out in the finals. If so, it’ll be the classic ponycar rivalry.

That is something a 16 year old might do when the see their first cheap collector car, but that’s the next generation on. Millennials are in their mid 20s to late 30s…

Look, we all make dumb decisions with cars, but nobody ruined the car in question other than the previous owner who neglected it.

Look, if you wanna yell at kids to get off your lawn, front porches are a better venue…

PS. what’s wrong with an LS swap?

GM must be happy to see three of their products in the finals. I’ve had Camaro’s and Mustangs and Mustang’s win my vote. I’m going for the GT Mustang to win it all. It’s the only one that started a whole new line of vehicle called the pony cars.

I don’t use social media, but know the Mustang and Tri-Five Chevy’s will slug it out with the classic Chevy’s winning.

Not a fair tournament…lots of us do not use social-media.