2019 Hot Wheels Legends tour makes its final stop at SEMA

In 2018, Hot Wheels kicked off their Legends Tour, visiting cities across the United States to select one winner that would see their wild ride immortalized in die-cast 1:64-scale as the newest Hot Wheels car. For 2019, the Legends Tour expanded to Mexico and stopped by 18 cities—from Mexico City to Miami—picking up a finalist at each venue along the way. 2019’s winner will be chosen at the conclusion of the 2019 SEMA show, but until then, here are some full-size versions of our favorite Hot Wheels cars, and some rides that we think are the top contenders for becoming the next Hot Wheels Legend.

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That squareback was in a recent Hot VWs magazine… Am I taking this article correctly to assume there is a Hot-Wheels sized version of it/

I have seen the Hot Wheels Baja bug before, but not that custom bug. Looks like they did the custom job to an early 60s beetle and not a later 70s model (known pretty much as sacrilege in these parts, at least to the VW fans.)

Sort of OT, here, but does anybody know if either Hot Wheels OR Matchbox ever made a first generation Corvair?


No, there’s not a 1:64 version of the gasser VW, it was a finalist to get that honor.

I like the Nash but the dice will never make it into production. They will be eliminated as a choking hazard…

I also would’ve trimmed the rear fenders to accommodate a pair of full-sized slicks, rather than those skinny tires.

Nashole: I had a friend in the 70s who dropped a 283 c/w auto trans, and changed wheels to provide a wide stance, in his wife’s Nash Metropolitan. We all thought it was pretty cool, the wife was not impressed. Aircor

What a great bunch of creative vehicles, the VW beetle coup is my favorite - not only looks great but could be practical (in the summer season).

Nice to see that a Rat ( Fink ? ) Rod won the prize. I’m desensitized from all the glitter and shine ( and cost ) of customs thru the years that now raw is more real for me.

I don’t see the new Camaro in there. Maybe they already made one or did the Hot Wheels version come first?

GTO drag with a straight axel, or the Ford cab over. Awesome

Oh dear! I’m sure their hearts were in each of the “Hot Wheels” builds. But…every one of those machines are either hideous or just plain ugly. No wonder the millennial’s don’t want to drive! Luckily I got Hot Wheels out of my system by 1969. There are some stunning designs out there. Too bad Mattel can’t find any of them to replicate! Shame on you Foose! Cadillac Northstar engines are time bombs! Stick with ye olde 350 Chevalay. Perhaps these “winners” will inspire some cool designs for next year