2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Doors


As an homage to the most memorable generation of Lincoln Continental and an 80th anniversary celebration of the model, Lincoln is producing just 80 copies of its Coach Door Continental for 2019. And you can order one starting today. Lincoln is wary of using the term "suicide door" but knows full well that many who love the '61-'69 model will also refer to the 2019 model, with its center-opening doors, as such. We took a close look a pre-production version of the car finished in Lincoln's signature Crystal Blue, offering a nearly complete look of what the production version will offer.

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Why do people keep calling these suicide doors? Am I the only one who remembers that suicide doors are single rear hinged doors on a two door car? Every other old fart like me that I’ve asked what the center opening doors on Lincolns and other such cars are called, immediately says they are Opera Doors. Or possibly coach doors or barn doors. I want to yell at the screen every time I see a four door car referred to as having suicide doors.


@blsmart59 - To many, any door that is rear hinged falls in the “suicide door” category. It is a slang term, so it all depends on who you ask as to the true meaning. When our writer spoke to the folks at Lincoln, they used the opera door term, but did acknowledge that many would call them suicide doors.

Opera doors is certainly a more classic term, and not incorrect per Lincoln. No car maker I could find has ever advertised the suicide door term, likely for obvious reasons, but car enthusiasts seem to have latched onto it.


Add to the problem that most of the new hot rodders or tuners or whatever these days probably don’t even know what a 2 door car looks like. I mean, 4 door Chargers, for crying out loud. Give me a break. ¯_(ツ)_/¯