2019 Mustang Bullitt debuts in Detroit


Ever since Steve McQueen chased a hubcap-shedding Charger through the streets of San Francisco as Lieutenant Frank Bullitt in the 1968 movie named for the title character, Highland Green Mustang fastbacks have been just a little bit cooler than the rest. With the 50th anniversary of Bullitt approaching, Mustang fans have been expecting a new homage to the movie car based on the current, S550-chassis pony car. There were rumors and there were red herrings, but now the real 2018 Bullitt Mustang has been unveiled and it’s gorgeous.

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As long as you like the style of the Mustangs, which I don’t, and don’t mind a car stuffed with computers that no mere mortal gearhead can diagnose or fix, it’s a cool car.


Can we see the McQueen '68 at the auto show for the next week?


@desryan20 - The McQueen '68 will be on display all the public days at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The public days are January 20-28th according to the NAIAS website.


Thank You Kyle, I hope I can get up close to see it and not from too far away


Too bad they didn’t follow the fashion of the original. From all appearances the original was not a loaded Mustang. It was a simple 390 4 speed car with some aftermarket wheels. It should have been a base Mustang with the v8. Like my 87 5 litre LX hatchback.