2019 Super Bowl car ads: Winners and losers


After an extraordinary week in which millions of Americans experienced record-setting cold—and in turn were in dire need of an extraordinary distraction—the most-anticipated football game of the year was a dud. In fact, it set a record for the fewest points scored. Oh, and the longest punt. How perfect.

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Thanks Hagerty - nice commercial recap. I measure super bowl commercials if they get played again from the DVR from those viewing at my house. This year’s winner - Hyundai and Jason Bateman. Please pick the top floor! Hagerty are you up there?


I thought the Hyundai ad was pretty funny, the Ram ad sounds like every SuperBowl Ad conversation I’ve been a party to (the herded cats still one of the best ever!), and that no amount of advertising or trickery will make me believe that the new Supra isn’t hideously ugly…but the Jeep ad was a proud and emotional moment: editing evocative images to what’s already the most moving National Anthem ever composed.
That one reached above moving product.


Although, again, not a car ad, but I really liked the Walmart Pick Up ad with all the iconic tv/movie cars. The Flintstones car and Back to the Future DeLorean - awesome!


Agree - big miss Hag&Chrome, Wal-Mart hating aside, the ad catered to unique autos and plenty of classics that could use a little Hagerty insurance. Yet you mention a dog riding on a wagon in a wind farm.


The Gremlin in the Doritos commercial has a totally fake blower. But then again, who would actually do that to their Gremlin.


They’re all losers as far as I’m concerned. I will never watch another Stupid Bowl again. Sponsors and advertisers wasted their money.


The RAV4 ad wasn’t bad, particularly attempting to overcome perceptions of being slow and small. Well played.

Thought the Jeep ad nailed it. Great production and a bit of sentimental value.


We are! Thank you for your kind words.


@smarshs5 Thanks for your comments. We loved the Wal-Mart commercial too. We even wrote about it (https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/01/10/walmart-movie-car-commercial). But since it was released weeks before the Super Bowl, we didn’t include it in this story.


Sorry, missed the previous article for some reason. Thanks for the link.


just when you think KIA could not build an uglier car…BAM, they did it. Should have put that one in the crusher instead of the Gladiator.