2020 C8 Corvette: 0-60 in under 3 seconds, starts below $60,000

Lutz was right, the customer isn’t always right. This fact is illustrated 100% in this discussion group. Kudo’s to GM to pull the trigger on a very bold initiative. Time will tell if they were right but by the evidence of the high prices on all the old classic (low quality) muscle moving through auctions these days I think it’s safe to say this will be a long term success. One last thing, it may just be an MR2 on steroids but that’s exactly what I have been waiting for. I’ll wait the obligatory year for the kinks to get worked out and the prices to come down a bit but I will be in line! Finally a Corvette with the sophistication and style it has always deserved.

The car is simply ugly and overpriced. Just like the rest of General Motors nonsense. The Company was saved because of 250,000 workers who were VOTERS not for any other reason. I’m sure the Corvette freaks will be excited but myself and others who can afford it will pass. Send the product designers back to school.

@aj.maestro - I’m curious what you are comparing the C8 to when you call it overpriced. Seems like a lot of car for the money from where I sit.

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Kyle, that’s what I get for responding before the first coffee. What I meant was I would not buy a car at that price point that was that ugly and rude.

I love it and as a ‘72 Pantera who loves the Pantera which Ford abandoned and has been kept alive by dedicated owners and Pantera vendors I have to admit if I wasn’t a retired old man I would order one right now.

Well done Corvette. If I have a complaint it is reading that the corvette team could not find a vendor to build a manual tranny which really means ZF and others provided cost estimates which GM rejected.

I realize the majority of the alphabet generation doesnt know what a clutch is but the real secret (shhhh) for no manual transmission according to my sources in Detroit is GM chose to go with the paddle shifter to discourage more old guys buying the new C8

The Pantera–so beautiful even today! But Ford really should have worked out DeTomaso’s bugs before it came onto the market. It became like today’s software: let the customers fix it! Anyway, since barely 15% of Corvettes were being sold with manual transmissions, most of those old guys were already going automatic. The paddle shift 8-speed auto in the C7 is nothing comparable to the DCT coming up in the C8, which is pretty complicated technology. Tremec, the firm responsible for it, is capable of building excellent manuals, such as the TR6060 in my C6. As a retired old man myself, I am intrigued by the C8, which I think will be a big success for GM in what is admittedly a shrinking sports car market world.

I have seen the C8 personally, and it’s very sexy. The rear is the only part of the car I would change. If GM stays true to there claim of MSRP the car will do well. My concern is the dealer support network. The car is not a typical vehicle. It’s build to be competitive and is much more complex than every other vehicle GM has. Maintenance will be a BIG issue, and a BIG cost once the warranty is gone. Even with that in mind I will buy one in time. ( A nice way to say, once all the bugs are addressed.)

Went to a car show today and saw a 2017 NSX. So THAT’S what they copied. Of course the Acura would leave the dealership and never have to come back…

“the unveiling of the first production Corvette with a rear-mid-engine layout”

Wasn’t it the Carter Administration that approved Chrysler/Iacocca’s loan guarantees? I thought they were granted in 1979. Reagan did not take office until January 1981.

Acura would have to sell some NSXs for them to leave the dealership.

If the C8 sells like proverbial hot cakes when in the history of car dealerships have they EVER sold a car in those circumstances at MSRP? That whole “under $60K” talk is a scam. Most are going to sticker for $75-$80K and dealers are going to tack on additional markups. The reality is, the C8 will be just a click under $100K. That’s the real price.

Correct. Reagan is credited for helping save Harley-Davidson by slapping temporary tariffs on imported (read: Japanese) bikes with engines larger than 700cc. In 1982 I bought a new Honda Magna. Previously that had been a 750. But mine was 700. They downsized to escape the tariffs. Boy did I get a lot of snide remarks and middle fingers riding that bike back then. Lol

So GM finally made the Fiero with a V-8 !

Now every old retired geezer in the country can own a new V8 MR-2 / Fiero

That all I ever see driving a corvette , younger people spend that kind of money on other stuff like , oh , a house ?

@raltbobb: Have you ever heard of the Ferrari eater of it’s day called the Pantera???

Yes sir. I was very lucky to have owned a left over Graber Blue 1972. That was one of the best cars I’ve owned and at triple digit speeds as stable as they come. I still have the owner’s manual and one of the DeTomaso wheel caps. I kept it a couple of years then somebody wanted it a lot more than I did and he paid for it. The only car I’ve ever owned that to this day still regret selling.

Good luck finding one of these for under 60K, at least not a new one.

Yes…customers will purchase this car…performance is very good…price is right…but not for me!
Come on GM why didn’t you bring back the round lights?..One only on the left and one on the right in a bigger diameter…with reverse lights in the center of each…
The rear of this Corvette is why I’m not buying one…I’ll pay the extra and go to Porsche 911 instead…the back end is wrong for this type of car…it’s like the rear end of the Camaro was stuck on as a last minute effort…before the major showing deadline…
I think GM would of stopped everyone dead… in the “supercar market”… if they had equipped this new Corvette with an electric motor borrowed from the Model S Tesla for example…GM would of stood out like a sore thumb and all of the “supercar market” would of went running for cover…that would of been major headlines in the sports car market…GM I should be working for you with my ideas!..
The only solution now which GM could inexpensively bring a “pleasing look” to the rear of this 2020 Corvette …is to get rid of the “ugly exhaust tips” from the left and right rear and bring it to the center with one wide oval stainless piece…right under the license plate…that would look much better and more pleasing to the eye…and one more thing…get rid of that one piece strip of buttons in the interior… all this for the 2021 Corvette.

But if Chevrolet built the Vette with a glove box sized trunk, everyone would cry & say “it’s completely useless as an everyday driver!”
My scenario goes like this, my wife & I have to go to a family members house warming party & she bought & wrapped a 60 piece dinner set.
I really want to drop the top on my 488 but Damn! The gift won’t fit so I guess we’re taking the new Stingray because if the dishes fit, we must drive it!
Then I woke up & took my Silverado! Lol.

Agreed. It would be nice if you could actually buy one for $60K.