2020 corvette stingray convertible

For the first time in Corvette history, America’s sports car is available as a hardtop convertible, as Chevrolet has finally revealed its drop-top mid-engine marvel.

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What happened to the clean body lines of the American made Corvette?

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That’s exactly what I would like to know!

When I think of a hard top convertible, I think of a top that automatically retracts into the rear of the car. The pictures look like a removable targa top to me. Maybe I’m missing something.

You are missing it all. Its a hard top that fully drops into the back. Can be retracted at speeds up to 30 MPH google it there are sites with videos and better pics. Here are much better pics and video https://jalopnik.com/the-2020-corvette-c8-convertible-will-be-available-just-1838720198

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Looks like a targa top to me too. My C6 has a targa top and is a coupe. My C3 had T-tops and was also a coupe. This is a power targa top and, after struggling with the targa roof on my C6, Corvette could definitely benefit from a power unit.

Chevy realized there’s only so many 60 year olds that will buy the car, so they’re expanding the pool of possible buyers by making it more attractive.

Ouch! What a back handed shot. Do you treat everybody that way or are you just disrespectful to the elderly?

First EVER Corvette hardtop convertible???
I think (know) NOT!
I had a 1965 Corvette Stingray convertible with removable hardtop!
300 HP, 327, 4 speed, original radio delete. Red with Black interior.
Biggest mistake ever was selling that car, a real head turner!

I love it and want one. This body looks quite different from the coupe.

It’s A TERRIBLE DESIGN. The outgoing model still looks great, especially in white – which is the hardest color to pull off unless you’ve got a really good design. This one is a disaster. Who cares about a few fractions of a second here or there in 0-60 or on a track? That stuff means ZERO except on internet fantasy land.

I think it looks amazing! I’m a Boomer and I think it is so smart of Chevy to go this direction…attracting and capturing buyers across multiple generations. That was not where the C7 was taking them (for the most part). The COO of my company is a Millenial and he has a C8 on order.

Most of the fellows that I see driving late model Corvettes have gray hair and appear to be in their 60s plus. It’s difficult for many of us to buy a toy this expensive until we reach a later age. I, as well as many of you, own a vintage Corvette, along with a vintage muscle car or two. Upstairs I’m 19, I still love speed, but the remainder of my body is 69. So, think about , even when we were in our 20s, we just thought we could handle 0-60 in 3. Maybe it’s time to leave that kind of power to the pros. Just sayin.

I have NO idea. At this point I can’t say I’m a big fan of the C8. I think the nose is too short, for one thing. Not overwhelmed about the mid engine either. I had a 1969 427 and have a C5 now. The C5 just flows with a sculptured look…I love it. I kinda liken it to a XKE which I think is a work of art. C6 and C7 are O.K…of course, I wouldn’t kick any of them out of the driveway. It’s not so much that I’m adverse to change, as it is simply a matter of personal appeal.

You sound exactly like me, except that from the neck down I’m 72 ! Even if I could afford one, I wouldn’t want to spend that much money at my age. My C8 still works for me…I can put my foot in it (which I do often) and still enjoy the thrill of acceleration ! If I had anything MORE powerful it would only hasten me meeting the devil sooner than I’ve planned ! A few years back the average age was 61 , up from 54 from the last survey.

Not a fan of the rear tail lights. I say bring back the round lights from earlier models.

Got you both beat. I’ll be 74 next spring and really love booting around in my 768 hp Supra turbo. I have been waiting for a mid engine machine like the C8 … it will be my next car … the drop top or coupe ? Mmmmm tough decision

Looks like the designers were fans of the Darth Vader era.
To bad, I guess it’s out looking for a nice restored 60’s and 70’s Corvette.
You boomers can have this one.
By the way, which is the front and which is the back of this thing?

Any of this new stuff (especially the corvette) has no muscle! I like the fact it CAN go 165+ - but who cares, who does that on the highway? Give me a good burnout in the center of town … that’s what it’s all about. Corvette is trying to be Ferrari and they never will! Stick to what got you there American muscle.

Wow, some of you Corvette guys are tough. I love the new C8 and I loved the older versions, but I’m not sure I want to be part of the C crowd…