2020 corvette stingray convertible

I love the new C8 and can’t believe the performance that can be had for around $60k. Great job Chevy! I personally favor the wide body C6’s (Z06,GS, and 427) since I own a 2013 427. Ok, ok, I love all the years but the 427 makes me smile when the rear end lets loose in 3rd gear!

I never met a sportscar or muscle car that I didn’t like. !!! I love the C-8 convertible. I have an 88 C-4 convertible and an 05, C-6 convertible. I just got a 2019 Mustang Bullitt. !!! SACRILIDGE. !!! Did I spell that right. ?? I have a 63 Linc Cont, 74 Camaro, 2000 Celica GTS…a 1990 Nissan 300 ZX and a …Silverado pickup, a Harley Road KIng and an 06 Honda VTX 1300R Mcy…I’m not wild about the possible maintenance issues on a mid engine car…but if U don’t like the C-8 Corvette there’s something wrong with U…LOL…

Well, if you like unserviceable cars, this is the one for YOU. Anything mechanical is susceptible to failure. All cars develop fluid leaks, need sensors replaced, manifolds tightened… This mid-engine design will turn relatively simple service and repair problems that used to be handled in a couple of hours into “pull the engine out again” and “the car is at the dealer again for a couple of weeks - stacked up behind all the other cars there that need their engines pulled”. Doesn’t anyone see that as a potential problem? Is there anybody left in the car hobby that has any experience turning wrenches that can see mid-engine design as a problem? Unlike hyper-expensive dream cars that everyone is comparing it to, a Corvette was always able to be used as a daily driver if desired. Not sure that’s going to be the case any more.

That is one stupid statement. You should think before you post.

Sorry you don’t like reality; the only people complaining about the Vette going mid-engine, or its modern looks, are people who are 60+ years old. I love the thing, and plan to replace my 09 Z06 with the drop top as soon as it’s available; it will be the third mid-engine car in my garage, all with their own unique character.

I have been a Hagerty member for years having had several older cars. I regret selling my 65 convertible albeit I sold it to my girls son-in-law who turns heads in Belgium with it. I owned the car for nearly twenty years and he really loved it. I still drive my C-5 triple black corvette I bought new. I also drive a Harley SGS and a pick- up … and yes I’m a 68 year old kid. I think the C8 s are amazing but will probably keep driving my still as new condition C5.

Huh? Clean body lines on a Corvette?
The Corvette hasn’t had “clean lines” since the C4 model. Corvettes have always had a more radical styling than most cars. As I said, only the C4 had simple lines and a more reserved design. The C8 is roughly the same styling as the C7 (which, in my opinion, is gorgeous) only with a mid-engine architecture. This car is very much a Corvette and I don’t think they could have made a ME design closer to looking like a Corvette than they did with this amazing machine.

I know what you mean. But don’t listen to all these crusty old bastards! If you like the car, buy it, and screw everyone else!
By the way if you think these guys are rough, go to the Corvette Forum. I go there regularly and almost anything posted turns into a huge argument! Wow, now those are a bunch of angry SOB’s!

I liked the Saturn Sky! Looked like a mini Corvette!

Don’t sell yourself short, maybe you have an extra 10mm socket? Always in demand. :slight_smile:

Naw, the Sky looked like a Sky, not a mini-anything :+1: Personally, I liked the less angular & almost de-chromed Solstice GXP over the Sky Redline. Just me.