2020 Mustang GT500

I’ve seen a lot of press reports about the new 2020 Mustang GT500 and the claimed performance numbers. Invariably, the writer or somebody posting comments will compare it against the new C8 mid-engine Corvette. Big mistake. It’s apples against oranges. The Mustang is a working man’s muscle car. The GT350 is a good track car and hopefully the GT500 will be also, but not in the same league as a Corvette. And seriously, how many Mustangs out of the thousands built will ever be raced on a road course? Not as many as are driven every day on the street.

The Corvette has been and will continue to be a “sports/track” car, or a rich man’s country club car. The average age of a Corvette buyer today is 61! Corvettes are lower, lighter, have a better power-to-weight ratio and handle far better than any production Mustang, so a comparing a Corvette against a Mustang really isn’t a fair comparison (and I’m a Mustang owner!). I’ve driven both types of cars on the track and they are much different beasts.

A better comparison for the new Mustang GT500 might be a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, while a better comparison for the new Corvette might be a Porsch 911, Ferrari or even a McLaren.

And don’t forget, in spite of impressive zero to 60 times in the low to mid-3 second range, none of these American performance cars can beat a Tesla S with the P100D battery pack (zero to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds!). Teslas have the traction advantage with all-wheel drive and ungodly off-the-line torque. On the other hand, the Tesla will run down it’s battery very quickly with repeated accelerations while the gas-powered cars can just keep making run after run.

@Lcarley256 - To me many of the comparisons are fueled by price. Buyers of a well optioned Corvette could feasibly be cross shopping the just-over-$70k Mustang.

Also, isn’t it a good thing that the journalists are comparing it favorably to something it shouldn’t really be competing with? You seem to believe the Corvette is a more capable car, and the GT500 should not be compared to something above it. It does well in those comparisons, and that seems to say good things about the car.