2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 can roar from 0 to 100 and back to 0 in 10.6 seconds

As the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 gets closer to dealer showrooms, Ford is drumming up interest in the most powerful street-legal car it has ever built by releasing more details about just how capable it is. Ford claims the GT500 can bang off a 0-100-0-mph sprint and mega-stop in just 10.6 seconds. Ford did not publish any 0–60 time.

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This is pretty remarkable. I remember when the Shelby 427 Cobra was clocked performing the same maneuver at 13 seconds flat. That car probably had close to 500 HP and was driven by a renowned SCCA driver whose name just won’t come to me. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Phil in TX

Obviously this Mustang is faster than the original 427 Cobra that did the 1-100-0 in I believe 13.9 seconds and I don’t care even though I’m a Ford guy. I would rather have and drive the Cobra, it would be more fun. I have lost interest in the cars of today and never really had any interest in the so called “super cars.” Some have nice racy looking style but some are just plain ugly like the Lamborghini Countach. My opinion. The new Corvette? Forget it, not interested. Yeah, it looks nice but I would rather have a 68-72 C3 and deal with a heavy clutch and occasional carburetor issues. No, today’s cars with all their do dads, gee gaws and gadgets lost my interest. Then all the driver enhancements like traction control, paddle shift, multi disk clutch, etc. took all the fun out of driving it. I remember Jay Leno talking about driving one of his old (archaic) sports cars and really having to muscle it around only to be passed by some young girl in her Honda like nothing. And I believe she was (illegally) putting on her makeup at the time. What fun is driving that Honda? My wife and I went to a Rusty Wallace driving experience and my wife took a ride with a professional driver around the very short track. They got about 80mph on the straight and my wife thought, “so what, she drives that fast on the freeway.” Yeah but what fun is that? My point is we don’t have fun in new cars like we did when we had to “drive” our car to make them perform. Now we have the self driving craze. God help us.

Back in the day Holman-Moody built a full tilt group 7 Ca Am racer that did it in 12 sec flat and we thought it was an impossible trick. Jim

@timkuehl2000 - Modern cars are amazing to drive, and it sounds like you might take your ability to drive old cars for granted.

There are plenty of folks who for a variety of reasons are not able to operate a classic car. Heavy clutches that you love so much are rough on those with bad knees, hips, or strength issues. All those driver enhancements you dislike so much can heighten the driving experience when used properly. It has never been easier to go fast, and just because it is easier does not make it any less thrilling.

To gate keep and poo-poo other because they enjoy something different than you is absurd. If you want to be uncomfortable in your car, that’s fine and more power to you, but technology has moved on and made cars better and there is no reason to deny yourself or anyone else from enjoying that.

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I believe Ken Miles was the driver who ran the 427 Cobra to 100 mph and back to zero in 13 seconds.

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Thanks Kyle, from someone who has knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and back pain/problems.
I love my dual clutch in my GTI, it’s actually the best part of an already great car.
Also, as James May (Top Gear/Grand Tour) pointed out: If the cars of yesterday were so great, they’d still be building them. I love old cars, they are beautiful, loud fun etc…for a short time, but on a daily/regular basis…give me a new/newer vehicle every time.

You’re correct, it was Ken Miles, and he did it in 13.8 seconds.

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I really feel this mustang is obsolete, with the arrival of the 2020 corvette…I am a big mustang fan and I feel it would be absolutely ludicrous to pay big money for this car over buying the new Corvette!
I do know that after being a Ford fan most of my life. I will be buying the new Corvette.

Most of my Die hard Ford friends hastily admit that Chevrolet just duped us badly.

Shift speed is irrelevant with dual-clutch automatic transmissions because there is overlap–two gears engaged at the same time–during upshifts to eliminate any interruption in engine torque delivery to the drive axle.

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I can’t agree more. I had a Shelby Mustang KR with the 428 SCJ.
I went pretty fast in a straight path, but turning, and especially stopping, was an adventure.
We are, in my little opinion, in the golden age of the combustion engine vehicle. Today’s performance cars not only are faster, steer and stop better, but also have comfortable seats and good air conditioning.
This 2020 Shelby Mustang is going to be fantastic, and Chevy finally going mid-engine on the Corvette is a fabulous development.

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Create a stat that no one else uses. How about 1/4 mile time?

Obsolete? I politely beg to differ. I do agree the new vette is a big step for GM but I will never get behind the wheel of their products. Striking employees, government bailouts, not me, never! My mom owns a 2015 camaro, yuck from top to bottom. There is more sight out of a submarine than thru her windshield, never mind me scraping my head getting in and out of it. Drives like a tank too! This new Mustang is awesome front to back. As soon as the wife stops looking at our check book, I’ll be buying one.