2020 Toyota Supra first drive


Foot cemented to the brake pedal, I sat under the warm West Virginia sun and stared through the windshield of the 2020 Toyota Supra as a flag waved in the distance. It was signaling me onto the Shenandoah Circuit at Summit Point Motorsports Park, but the anticipation was so paralyzing, I almost couldn’t lift my foot from the pedal.

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Folks can spin this any way they want, but it my opinion, this is not a Toyota Supra, it’s a BMW. Fans of the Supra won’t buy it because it’s not a Toyota. Fans of BMW’s won’t buy it because it says Toyota. It’s probably not a bad car, it’s just a bad idea that won’t sell.


You have to wonder what the future holds for this Supra with the hard points for a spoiler molded in, the blocked hood and air inlets and the missing 40 HP over the BMW version. Under the hood everything is labeled BMW and inside all the switch gear, screen and such are BMW but they did manage to swap out all signs of BMW from the display. At least the gauges are Toyota unique. The big question is will this Supra inherit the BMW’s proclivity for expensive maintenance and service history.

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I clicked on this article to find out about the new Supra not to read a life story on the author!

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Right. Milllennials can’t seperate themselves from journalism.


I wouldn’t buy it. Looks poseur-ish to me. “Sports car” for Ned Flanders


@NOSBS2T - That seems a bit harsh. So many enthusiasts are crying foul at Toyota because this new Supra is not in the shape of the Mark IV- in style or character. We sent a dyed-in-the-wool Supra lover to drive the new car and get persecutive comparing the two. He framed his experience and used that to frame how he evaluated the the new car.

Without a bit about him and his backround, the story loses what makes it special- and what so many folks want to hear.


Obviously you never owned a Supra, or a Toyota for that matter. As a lifelong Toyota supporter and MR2 owner, I suspect that it will exceed all sales projections, already sold out in Europe and Japan, NA will be next. Watch out for the tuner crowd at Sema!


Hmmm, turbo assisted barely more HP than a Jeep Sahara. costs higher than a Mustang Gt, $10,000 more than a Challenger Scat Pack and 2/3 the HP again. no available Man-Pedal, an awful lot of hype for a non-performer that costs too much.


Very nice design and was really excited until BMW entered the picture and it seems in a big way. Granted I love the way BMWs drive and look but they are a maintenance nightmare. It will be interesting to see if the Supra can carry on with Toyota reliability. Time will tell.

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I have owned four Lexus vehicles, does that count? I also own Chevy Silverado. If Audi built it and it had an Audi engine, would it still be a Chevy Silverado? I’m thinking no, and I wouldn’t buy it.


Kyle if you had anything to do with picking this author, please re-evaluate your choice. 20 paragraphs give you little on the car and more on him, combine that with an over use of adjectives. Together they make a tedious read for anyone wanting to get to the point. He could have summed his credentials up in an opening paragraph and then got to the subject!


@americanretrodave - I did not, but I will happily forward you feedback to our editors. Thanks for sharing and continuing to be a reader!


Ahah, a Chevy owner that explains your comments! Not to worry there will be a waiting list for those who really want the new Supra.


Why is that silly screen glued onto the top of the dash? Lack of something. I mean, really, what does it take to integrate a screen into the dash?


I bought my MKIV in 2000 and have driven it ever since. Tracked it at various road courses for 14 years - full street trim with appropriate mods for handling. Added power - now 471rwhp at low boost. Very fun car - now retired to a life of luxury and fun.
I have also followed the development of a potential successor since before the FT-1. That showed some promise - until a couple of years ago when the news started coming out about this model. When it became clear that this would be built from the Z4 parts bin, I knew I would never get one. Supra name - BMW unreliability. Terrible mix, IMHO.
I have been through all the press day results - after the embargo was lifted - and nothing has changed my mind. “This car is quicker than the stock MKIV”. Yes, but that is like showing up to a track meet and saying “Well even though you are all faster than me, I can outrun your great-grandmother”.
BTW - stop calling this the “A90”. The chassis code for this car is J29 - in line with the G29 designation of the Z4. I do not see Supra legacy in this car at all - regardless of all the cheerleading by Tada-san.


BMW, not Toyota. It is all through the car. Nothing like the driver-centric cockpit of the MKIV.


Well I have owned my MKIV since 2000, so maybe I can answer. It is a BMW and will have the same reliability as a BMW - ok for 3 years and then a nightmare.
BTW selling out in Europe with only 900 units is not much of an accomplishment.


I really wanted to like this car and will withhold final judgement for when I see and drive it in person. Having been a Toyota fan for years, the early 80’s Celica GTS’s are an all time favorite, even more than the overblown Supra. All that being said, the front reminds me of a Alfa Romeo and the center console, IMHO, should be oriented toward the driver, not the center console angled away. The seat keeps me in place and knee bracing could still be present. Finally, it really reminds me of a bigger version of the 86 and a little uninspiring. Sorry Toyota but I’d have to look closer at the Z4 and just get the actual BMW.


why not just buy a new 370z for almost $30k less,It looks better and most likely would embarrass the yota at road Atlanta and you would buying a instant classic car with a 3/6 yr warentee