22 Auction Bargains from 2017


At auction most cars bring appropriate prices. A little variation for time and place may occur but it’s rare when something sneaks off the auction block at price that could realistically be considered a steal (but not as rare as when a price goes over the top).

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Is this a test to see if we can figure out what these cars are?


No S, how about you list the make & model next time. This is crap.


Useless without Make/model info.


Agree that Make & Model should be prominently displayed at top of each paragraph

Surprising for Hsgerty…usually on point
Best in New Year


Make and model is above the photos. We’ll work on the layout to make that easier to see.


Do YOU see photos in this article???


@llsdjs click on the article link at the top of the thread to see the story as it was originally intended to be seen. And thanks for pointing out this error in our forum system.