25 Camaro facts every enthusiast should know


@jas280z - Interesting. I traced that info back to the source material and it doesn’t seem to be clear if they were produced or assembled in Switzerland. the Camaros.org site seems to switch between the two and doesn’t clarify. Given that they had to create homologation documents for ever car, I would gamble they were just final assembled there.


@Kyle, the article says “Assembly of the fourth-generation, which debuted in 1993, and the fifth-generation, took place in Quebec, Canada.” So, I’d assume that cars assembled outside of the US with US sourced parts would still count as built outside of the US.

It appears that the Swiss cars we assembled from kits put together in the states. Per the Camaros.org section, “All of the non-U.S. factories assembled Camaros from “completely knocked down” (CKD) kits. Parts and subassemblies for CKD export units were shipped to a central collection point (called a “boxing plant”), consolidated into kits, then packed into containers for shipment overseas to small GM joint-venture and contractor-operated assembly operations.”

It appears that Switzerland had both cars that were assembled in Switzerland from these kits, and fully built cars (SUPs per the website) that were homologated at the Swiss plant. Swiss made cars received a different emblem than the homologated cars. http://www.camaros.org/foreign.shtml#swiss

I’d love to see what one of these Swiss Camaros would do at Mecum or Barrett-Jackson, with the Swiss only 283 V8.


It should also be noted Chevrolet built ONE 1969 Z/28 with the 350 and Air Conditioning. It was called “The Blue Maxi” and was the Car and Driver Cover car in July 1969 and Road Test Feature in August 1969. There have been several articles on the car since but it was most recently featured in a Hagerty web article last year after it was presented the “This Car Matters Award” by the Historic Vehicle Association at the Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals. (That’s Logan Lawson owner of Camaro 0001 behind the wheel in this pic from the event.) for those of you who missed the opportunity to see it in person, it is expected to be on display in June 2019 at the Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals for the 50th Anniversary of the 69 Camaro. Even in 1969 the car was considered to be quite possibly the first “Unicorn” in the Camaro World.
Heres the article: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2017/09/01/car-and-dirver-blue-maxi-camaro


While I admire the author for attempting this article, I would refer him and all 1st gen Camaro guys(and gals) to the “Camaro Research Group” I own an unrestored 1967 RS/SS built Nov. 1966 in Van Nuys,CA. This site has been invaluable in helping me research 1st Gen Camaros, and info I sourced from “CRG” has informed my buying (or rather, not buying) several Camaros. One fact I read on “CRG” was that no 1967 Camaros came from the factory with 1) a front"chin" spoiler. 2) a rear spoiler. 3) a cowl induction hood. I am pretty sure this will surprise more than a few 1st gen owners.



thank you for the information about the CRG. that’s is really cool that you own an original 1967 RS/SS built in Van Nuys, CA. i would love to hear more about the car - would you please send me a private message



thank you for the additional information about the '67 Camaro. i would love to hear more about your car. would you please send me a personal message?