25 Corvette facts that every enthusiast should know


Chevrolet has been pumping out Corvettes for 66 years, building about 1.5 million of them since 1953. That makes the ‘Vette one of the most popular sports cars of all time.

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Did the Corvette ever have a glove box? The answer to that is yes and no. Not in a production vehicle, however, the first 100 1984 models released in 1983 came with a two speed rear end that was activated by a switch, located, in the glove box. I was fortunate to put some miles on #83 in San Diego, Ca. (the only 83 made?). So, a two speed rear end and a glove box. john 2, Boise


@fourwdjohn - Interesting. Can’t say I have ever heard about Corvettes with a two-speed rear end. Any source for that information that I could look into more? That’s really interesting.


All I can say is, seeing and driving, was believing. We put the car outside new Video stores we were opening in San Diego areas, the 16 inch tires were a draw for potential customers to the stores at the time.


@fourwdjohn Ummm you mean the Doug Nash overdrive units right? They are more akin to a Gear Vendors than a 2-speed diff.

I have every Corvette book I own open in front of me and nobody mentions an actual 2-speed diff, just the Doug Nash. Do you have documents or pictures?


Not sure what you mean about the glove box thing…my 65 had one my 99 had one and my 09 had one so…did I miss something?


Would appreciate a few additional questions/answers for Corvette facts:

  1. First Corvette with AC, then climate control.
  2. History of Corvette sound systems - from AM on up thru Bose or equivalent.


@fourwdjohn . You’re being funny. No production Corvettes ever made in 1983, not even as ‘84 models. The entire year was spent retooling Bowling Green for the all-new C4. And the glove box thing was bogus also, my 1981 had a glovebox because I mounted a CD changer in there.


My ‘63 split window has a glove box, so I would say all C2’s have them. It’s a signature part of the dash design.


The #83 C4, automatic, white w/ red interior, I believe, was equipped with a factory modified C60 with and electric switch instead of the vacuum operation.It could have been a dana 44 mod ??These 100 cars were tested in and around So. Calif. and provided by the factory thru a dealership. A 6 month lease return.?


My 1957 had a glove box… between the seats on the ‘waterfall’. Maybe not in the dash, but it was a glove box. I also presume the '55-'62 had these as well.


Does anybody know anything about this 1978 I found in a garage 15 years ago



Oops: I think Zora Arkus-Duntov would spin in his grave if he knew he was being described as a “German engineer.” (Well, he couldn’t do that in any event as his ashes are in an urn in the National Corvette Museum). Arkus-Duntov was born in Belgium but of Russian parentage and returned to that country soon afterwards. He did study engineering in Berlin and eventually married a German (a Folies Bergeres dancer, no less) but nobody would ever have mistaken him for anything other than a flamboyant Russian. There is an excellent biography of him by Jerry Burton entitled “Zora Arkus-Duntov: the Legend Behind the Corvette” I would highly recommend.


First, it’s not a real 1978 with that top :rofl:


I think this is not strictly true as model years and production years are not necessarily the same. For example, my 2008 Corvette was built in in June 2007. There are 1984 Corvettes constructed after February 1983 but no car titled as a 1983 was ever released to the public. There were 14 prototypes and 43 pilot 1983 cars built (there is a very slight disagreement about the numbers) but all were destroyed except for the one in the Corvette Museum. These cars were all used for testing by GM and would never have gone to a dealer or the public.


Looks like a ‘homemade custom’. If it is in fact a 78, it was a coupe out of the factory. The last C3 convertible was in '75. ’ 75 was also the last hardtop with a vinyl top as an option.


It’s a 78 have title some dealership did conversions on them seen a few others same Top as the 69


In the story the Corvette listed as the : FIRST BIG BLOCK CORVETTE IS EXACTLTY THE ONE THAT I HAD . I bought it NEW AT BURT CHERVROLTE on So Broadway, Englewood (Denver Colorado) in late 1965. It was “Glenn Green” in color . So dark it looked Black, with a White interior (Which I did not really like ) . Was called a 1965 and a Half model year. Had Side exhaust pipes running outside the body, and a 456 ratio rear end. 425 Horse Power. I SURE Whish I HAD IT BACK. I (had to) SOLD IT WHEN I WAS DRAFTED INTO THE U.S. ARMY IN 1967. I COULD NOT afford THE $157 A MONTH PAYMENTS FOR IT after I was drafted. The purchase price was $4010 – new !! In hindsight in todays dollars that’s NOTHING!! But in 1966, relatively it was a lot. I made about $3.50 an hour at the time as a TV technician.

It would be worth a million $$ today ! ?? maybe ?? I have had several police departments search for it via its VIN number nationwide> I can’t find it registered anywhere. (It was sold to a school teacher from Pueblo CO for her 16 year old son. I’m assuming that he probably wrecked it ). Does any one know how to find it if it still exist > but maybe not registered anywhere ? I do have the original Corvette owners card with the VIN number on it ? (Somewhere )


Yes many had a glove box. My 69 and my other 69 both had a glove box in the back between the seats. So did my 71, 74, 77 and 79 have the same glove box in the same place. The article is about Chevrolet Corvettes right?


My 1981 has a glove box but it’s not setup for gloves, it is actually partitioned for 8 track tapes because it has an 8 track player.