25 Firebird Facts Every Enthusiast Should Know

The 350 HO was rated 325 HP and 380 TQ. You must have had a 2.56 rear end gear to get that kind of top end out of it.

Pontiac stated the Ram Air IV 400 in the '69 Firebird made 345 HP at 5400 rpm, yet the '69 GTO Ram Air IV was rated at 370 HP at 5500 rpm — same engine, same heads, same cam, same intake, same everything. If we assume that Pontiac was “telling the truth” in both cases, then that meant that the torque curve on this engine was still climbing like gangbusters at this point. Remember HP = (torque X rpm) / 5250, so 345hp at 5400 means it was making 335 lb ft. at that rpm. 370 hp at 5500 means it was making 353 lb ft just 200 rpm later - still climbing. The Ram Air IV cam was the rowdiest cam Pontiac ever put into a street engine - there was a very good reason that the MINIMUM rear gear ratio you could get in a Ram Air IV GTO was 3.90:1 (4.33:1 was optional) and this engine was NOT available with air conditioning. Oh, and the cam profile used in the '73 455SD was identical to the Ram Air IV, with even better cylinder heads and 55 more cubic inches. Not more than 400 hp - yeah right…

I don’t know about all this Firebird history. I just know I love my 1994 Firehawk. The end.

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In September 1978 I ordered a 1979 Pontiac Formula with all the options including ws6 package with the Pontiac 400cid and the 4 speed dark blue with t-tops from Sommers pontiac
in Thiensville Wi.Still own a few Pontiacs for car shows but sure wish I had that one today

My 73 SD455 Trans Am in 1973


NOT mentioned, is the fact that: The name Banshee :is a female spirit in Gaelic folklore whose appearance or wailing/screaming, warns a family that one of them will soon die! “We heard someone screaming like a banshee…” N-O-T a great moniker for an automobile! Remembering the backlash of Dodge using a cute devil, & a pitchfork in 1971 for their Dodge Demon!!! s-l1600|654x500 The devil was gone in '72, and so was the car! The one used today, is far more sinister…

Still enjoying my 1986 and 1989 Trans Ams. The '86 is all stock. Not powerful, but it’s a nice, clean, quiet cruiser. I guess I’m just stuck in the 80s…

After getting a taste of turboBuick V6 power in the '89 Trans Am Pace Car, I just had to follow that up by purchasing a 1987 Grand National last year.

There is an error in the article under the title “First Black and Gold”. The color scheme was first revealed at the 1974 Chicago Auto Show on an updated 1973 SD-455 Trans-Am. It was updated to look like a 1974 model year car and was later updated to 1976 appearance. A web article appears here on the whole story about this car - http://www.1973-76transamconcept.com/history.html


Restoration almost completed on the last surviving original Canadian Brewster Green 1973 Trans Am. I chased this car around town when I was 17. It came up for sale in the local Bargain Finder newspaper in 1994. All the ad read was 1973 Trans Am $2000. I called the guy at 8:00 in the morning. All I asked was what colour is the car, he said green. I got his address and drive over and bought it for $1200. Has sat in my garage for 25 years. Now undergoing a full frame off rotisserie restoration. All original CALGARY. Alberta car sold at Stampede Pontiac.

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My snub nose opinion-the best cars were produced from ‘67 to ‘73. It went downhill from there. Can’t believe they didn’t include the ‘70-‘73 formula in the featured cars.

We love going on cruises with our first gen Firebirds! This was shot at an old historic gas station on Route 66 in Illinois. Ken, Midwest Firebirds

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I once owned a Canadian 1973 Trans Am with the SD-455 engine. Where is your car located?

More could be said about the 4th generation Firehawks. 2002 Firehawk with special rear “IROC” spoiler. IMG_4712

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Nice to have such a rare car and the fact it’s an original family car makes it that much more special. Enjoy it for many years to come.

What colour was your car and what province were you in? I’m in Calgary, AB. Car is a local sold at Stampede Pontiac which is no longer around.

Hard to believe, but in 1967 a front bench seat was available in the Firebird.

IROC spoiler started with the 2001 10th Anniversary Firehawk.

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The article states the 1973-74 455SD Formula used the T/A hood and shaker, but we all know that it used the twin scoop Formula good, right?

Nope, the 455 SD used the Shaker, whether T/A or Formula.