3 classic trucks to buy, sell, or hold

It’s my 1981 Honda that I like best.

I like the “Gangster” look of our lightly chopped '33 Ford pickup. Nicknamed PoPo for my wife’s father (that’s what my kids called him) because he was born in 1933.
Built in 1959 with parts that had to mostly be used from other models or otherwise customized to work. 292 ci Y block (a new factory replacement engine at the time), '40 Ford juice brakes, '40 Ford steering column w/ three on the tree w/ overdrive. '40 Ford parking brake as to make more open floor area.
‘40 Ford steering wheel. Offy intake w/ 3 two’s, Big n’ little Firestones. I believe the bumpers are from a '39 Ford passenger car flipped upside down. Notice the '39 Lincoln Zephyr 12 cylinder running lights on the fenders ( only 1 model & year for those). The exhaust pipes along the bed are not currently hooked up as we don’t want someone to grab a hot one and get hurt. We have so much fun with this truck.

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I love finding those for cheap if the bodies are in decent shape. Ideal for engine swaps.

My 85 4Runner is as much of a conversation starter from strangers as is my 67 Mustang. A large majority of those people are shocked to learn that it is indeed a 4Runner - they had no idea the tops came off. Topless is the only way to drive a Gen 1.

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There is a good reason that the second-gen Ramcharger is a rarer sight on the road than either the Ford or Chevy…it was a piece of junk! And why put your valuable restoration time and $$ into a piece of junk! I bought a 1985 off the showroom floor - the first brand new vehicle I every purchased. My wife needed an SUV to pull a 2-horse trailer to horse shows around Texas/Oklahoma. In year 1, she was stranded multiple times - the rear end was rebuilt twice, the entire rear axle was eventually replaced and it finally came to a permanent halt when the oil sending unit sprung a leak, allowing all of the crankcase oil to pump out and the motor to seized. Replaced it with a Suburban and have never owned another Chrysler product.

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Never met a truck I didn’t like. Found my 41 about 25 years ago, it was in bad shape, time and a hard life had taken a toll, had bullet holes in the cab and door, shot up and left for dead I like to say. Bought it for 4K, seemed a bit expensive at the time for the condition but that model is my all time favorite and I had to have it. About 20 years to restore a little at a time between raising my boys. I have pics of them playing in it, one of them requested driving the truck away at his wedding last year. It made for lasting memories in their wedding pictures. It’s all steel and straight as an arrow and Ford powered. It’s the family heirloom I expect to be still in the family even after I’m gone.

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I have what I think is an overlooked truck. Used during the time period that they were being produced, as work trucks, parts haulers, etc. Of course there were some which fame followed as wheel standers, but they never seemed to get the popularity, I think they deserved. Welcome to my world. My 1966 A100 Dodge Pickup truck. Not the original COE but in my opinion, more COE namesake worthy, as it truly is Cab Over Engine … the engine fully contained in the cab. I owned a COE van years ago, which I modified, so even though I purchased this as it currently sits … I take a lot of pride in driving it. It is stock, except the tailgate had been redone, following the body lines, (gettting rid of the pressed DODGE). It has an old school, tube grill, and shaved door handles … and of course the paint. In trying to purchase paint for touchups, it seems as though it was painted with boat paint. Heavy Blue, Silver, and Red metalflake. The interior modified as well, keeping the original dash shifter, but painted to match the body … and matching vinyl seats, and headliner. It currently is running the old tired slant six … and future plans are to purchase and install a stock 318ci V8 … (which I did in my original 68 van).2014%2066%20Dodge%20a

I don’t consider the 4Runner or the Ramcharger old enough to be classic, and even though built on a truck chasis, they are not trucks, but SUVs.

People always ask me who made Studebaker. This is a 1951.

I have had my FJ45 for 20 years. They are rare, but not many comments about them, nor listed in Hagerty car valuations.

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I love to see that 80’s and 90’s Japanese trucks are gaining collector status. I love them all but am partial to the Mazda brand. Mazda’s are every bit as good as a Toyota and can be had for half the price. Just don’t get an 87 or 88 with the carbureted 2.6L engine.

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I love the fact you own both a classic Mustang and a classic 4Runner, because I do own both cars but not even close to a classic version of either, keep your beauties with you forever.

Thanks for highlighting the 4x4 trucks. I have an 87 Ramcharger 4x4. She’s fully restored and will be in Autorama again this year. I’ve always been a truck person, this Ramcharger is the best gift my husband has ever given me. … Jenny :slight_smile: