3 lessons from the Porsche 70th Anniversary Auction


For Porsche-philes, RM Sotheby’s 2018 Porsche 70th Anniversary Auction had it all. It was hosted at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, a $100M Porsche haven and headquarters to Porsche North America, with historic cars scattered throughout the building. Plus, a motorsport track and an off-road circuit in the backyard. And the auction featured mouth-watering rare memorabilia, from posters and original sales literature to steering wheels and children’s cars, along with 62 Porsche automobiles and a single diesel tractor.

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“For a long time, the front-engine, water-cooled cars from the late ’70s to the mid-1990s weren’t even considered “real” Porsches by some of the purists. They were the cars bought by people who couldn’t afford a 911 but thought a 914 was too ugly.”

Note - in every year that the 928 was produced, it was the top of the line car, the most powerful one (save for the 930), and the most expensive. So that statement from the article does not fit the great shark. Indeed, the 928 is more pure Porsche than the 911, as it was the first “clean sheet” Porsche that the company ever developed. The 928’s are really starting to come into their own, separate and distinct from the 911, like they’ve always been.


Well put and factual, linderpat1.
Once upon a time Dinos were not considered Ferraris by ‘purists’. Look at their prices now … as well as how those purists now lust for one.


The 924 price is truly a shocker and welcoming. Why not stir the pot. The 911 has been talked about, hyped and the main media focus in sales, customizing and outlaw trend for the last 5 or 6 years. Its nice to see and hear about the 928 and all transaxle cars. They have a devoted cult following which I think has been growing lately. Maybe now that these current sold prices have been exposed, will they open the gates for flippers and brokers to seek out clean transaxles that were once not so important to them? Hummm!


I own a 996cab, 911t and a 928gt, by far my 928gt is the best and my favorite! I’ve owned it since 1998 when I found it in a friends garage in Wailea, Maui, it was sitting their for years as he had lost the key, it had 3400 miles on it! My friend was a “trust fund baby” from the east coast. When he got married he was given the choice of any car he wanted and choose the 1990 928gt ($100k) over a 930turbo because it had more leg room. He and his new wife drove it from Boston to Beverly Hills and had its first service at Beverly Hills Porsche, then put it on a ship heading to Maui and shortly after it arrived on Maui he lost key and their it set until one month his trust fund check didn’t come through and I bought it at a fantastic price! I set it up for SCCA Solo racing with suspension, shocks,wheels, tires, Xpipe exhaust, racing seats & harnesss, competed for a few years then put the stock interior back in and put it back on the road. We moved from Maui to Las Vegas then to Tucson where I now have the car. The drive from LA harbor to Las Vegas was one of the best trips in my life, I took the long way on back roads through the desert and finally got to experience the full potential of this car! My 928gt is a true SuperCar and don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with it!


Just a brief comment on the 1984 944 auction. The sale was described as a first year model. In the U.S. I think 1983 was the model year introduction date for the 944. I had a 1983 and I’m pretty sure it was a U.S. spec. car.


Right on, Ed! Those were important things to clarify. - Jim


That’s right … mine is a 42K mile '83 Montego Black Metallic 944. It’s the only car I ever bought new so I’m pretty sure they were being made (for the US) in 1983!


I just bought a mint, one-owner 43k mile 1983 944 buried in a local online auction in the Midwest for $1,600. Bargains are still out there if you’re willing to hunt. Auction prices haven’t caught up with some of the regional cars on the market…will be interesting to see if this trend has legs.