3-million-mile Volvo P1800s driver Irv Gordon passes away at 77


Irv Gordon, the man behind the three-million-mile Volvo, has died. According to a post on his Facebook fan page, Gordon passed away yesterday.

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Rest In Peace, Mr. Gordon!


So sad. He always struck me as a nice, regular guy. His record was and is quite an achievement.


Well done, Irv. RIP and our best to your family.


It is sad he has passed away but I did some math and here is the result:

With the milage recored, and assuming he purchased it January 1, 1966, It has been 19,388 days.
That comes out to 167.64 miles EVERY day for the 53 years of ownership! WOW! I hope he did not have a Classic Car insurance policy on it. He would be WAY over the milage limit! LOL