3 sweet rides that Canadians can get but Americans can’t

There are many reasons for Canadian car enthusiasts to gaze over the fence in envy of our southerly cousins. The strong U.S. dollar puts a hefty surcharge on the best collector cars. Steel panels melt away on our salted roads, while their vast semi-desert southern states preserve treasures just waiting to be discovered. And it's hard not to long for smooth California canyon roads when you're staring down pothole season in Toronto.

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there are a LOT more than 3. if your a ford lover, and you know about the australian made falcons (USA hasnt made a falcon since 1971) but the australians kept building them. right up until big daddy shut down their plant for the mustang in 2016.

now the big secret for all lovers of fords, falcons & performance is the ford barra turbo they started production in 2002.

the ones to get are the manuals you can buy the autos but you need to put in a seperate transmission cooler to avoid the dreaded “milkshake auto” the autos are known for. as a lot of underground people have been finding out the engine is well more than capable of stout numbers and highly tunable.

the other car if your into falcons but you not really performance so much, ford made in 2000+ the alternative fuel car. yes its propane only (LPG) as normally availible to fleet buyers (taxi’s) but were availible to the public too.

or if you are feeling like a bit of corperate luxury: the fairlane and fairlane ghia and the V8 only LTD

An interesting option that Canadian roadster drivers have is the opportunity of acquiring a Fiat barchetta (produced from 1995 to 2003). This is an alternative to a Miata. A barchetta stands out in a crowd.

Here’s another. The Alpha Romeo 916 GTV and Spider. Built between 1994 and 2003, after Alpha had pulled out of North America, some are now appearing in Canada imported from Japan. Pininfarina design, multi link rear suspension, front wheel drive (you would never know it). Mine’s linked to Apha’s 2.0 litre twin spark 4 cylinder, the coupe GTV version also had Alpha’s famous turbo 6 cylinder.

Since Canada’s entire auto industry consists of building and/or selling other nations’ cars, it stands to reason they’d be better at that than the US. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: