3 very different cars


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I have 3 cars each for a perticular use. First is what I refer to as my winter beater, at now 10 yrs old (no rust) 2008 Cadillac DTS, one of the last fairly large Caddys, white with white leather interior, fully loaded, lots of room and a beautiful highway cruiser. Picked it up 3 years old , low milage for about half the new price. No maintenance issues yet.
Second came came along as my wife said we just had to have a second convertible, 2002 Thunderbird Blue TBird… Met a couple in Mexico in 2007, he mentioned having this car, never thought anything about it until we went to visit them in that summer and he said he wanted to sell it. I think he was a little short on cash and loved his pickup. I already had one convertible but this was a beautiiful retro bird, removable hardtop with the opera windows like the 55-57 had 2, seater V8, all the luxury items, and the price was right. Wonderful and fast car to drive.
Last but not least, about 30 years ago after my dad passed, mom went to trade in dad’s last toy and what the dealer offered was an insult. A 5 year old 1982 Chrysler LeBaron Mark Cross edition Convertible. The 82 was the first year an American made and the only soft top on the market since the 76 Caddy Eldorado was dropped. Fully loaded, leather, air , cruise power windows, locks, top etc. 2.6 L, 2 BBL. Have had the vinyl roof replaced, body touched up for a bit of rust on the underside of the doors and trunk lid and repainted in the original white with a clear coat, so at 36 years old it still looks and runs like new.
Should not have to buy another car for a few years, the DTS will last a long time as it is parked in the garage for 3 months of the winter when we go south, and seldom used when the soft tops can go down. The LeBaron and the Thunderbird go to a barn for the winter so they never see snow or road salt.