30th Anniversary Mazda Miata sells out immediately, but is it worth $36,000?


Do you still think the manual-transmission, minimal-complexity sports car is a losing proposition in today’s automotive market? Then you’ll be surprised to hear that Mazda’s 30th Anniversary Edition Miata sold out within hours of its announcement. That doesn’t mean that it sold out to dealer-stock orders, as is usually the case when a manufacturer announces a “sold out” run. Every single one of the 500 production slots is spoken for by an individual.

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Enjoy your new Mazda. $34k is low mileage 1990’s Dodge Viper country. If I want a 2 seater, I can own one of the sexiest supercars on the planet.


I don’t believe a Miata is designed to compete against a Viper.

The Miata is certainly a defining car of it’s segment, so the 500 Anniversary models that are being made will see appreciation down the road, although I don’t think you’ll be able to retire off of it for quite some time.


Vipers are fast in one direction, a straight line. I have a 93 NA Miata that I bought as a toy and a friend at work wouldn’t shut up about his “Hemi Challenger” most bad ass car on the planet so I asked him if he wanted to race and he said yes and asked what I was going to race with. He laughed when I said my Miata but the only caveat was I pick the road. Never heard a word about that Challenger again.


You definitely can’t compare a Viper to a Miata, they are vastly different vehicles, but I do get the point about what you’re getting for the $. I wouldn’t personally spend 36k+ for a Miata, but I would buy a nice used one for under 20k, and I suspect that I could have a lot more fun in it (without loosing my license, or killing myself/someone else).


I’ll stick with my NC Club. I like the way it drives, it has little excusivity and special trim, and I prefer the True (“arrest me”) Red over the orange on the 30th edition. Being an old fogey I also like the classic Miata shape far better than the ND, not to mention that my PRHT actually transforms into a real convertible.


I own an '16 Club. It has a turbo, 4 pot brakes, suspension modifications and a few other things. I was one of the 500 who reserved a 30AE. I love the color and will modify it similarly to the '16 Club. It will get tracked.

I used to own the only real factory orange Miata known as Sunkist. One of a group of 6 1990 Miatas pulled off the assembly line and painted in different colors. They were sent to Mazda USA headquarters to be used in customer clinics, then sold to employees and a few others.


I like it. And I overlooked the Miata in favor of the NA’s bigger brother which had the weird engine nobody understood. I might pass on the issued price and look for a low-mileage one in a few years when/if the anniversary craziness subsides.


For years I’ve been driving a 2002 NB in Laser Blue metallic that was an Internet only color. Otherwise it’s a regular 6 speed SE. It’s mostly a weekend and occasional car, and for these many years it’s been a perfect car for me. Nothing other than routine maintenance required except for two oxygen sensors. The battery lasted 16 years. Mazda deserves to celebrate the 30th anniversary, because they somehow created the finest version of the classic sports car ever made. And had the sense not to mess with the formula.