4 cars that really need a Hellephant swap


In one of those historic “remember where you were” moments, on Tuesday, October 30 at 4:26 p.m. Pacific time, Mopar unveiled a 7.0-liter supercharged V-8 crate engine that it dubbed the Hellephant. The newest 426 HEMI produces an otherworldly 1000 horsepower and somehow manages to throw down 950 lb-ft of torque without violating some sort of international treaty.

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(yawn) what you really need to do with the Dodge van is to cut out the center section (conveniently about the same size as the sliding side door), carefully (more or less, as your skill level dictates) reattach the front half to the back half, and leave the 360 2-bbl in place exactly as-is. Load up the cargo area rear of the rear axle with “anything and everything heavy” out of the garage and do wheelies in your driveway! Can the Hellephant alone make it do that??? I think not, sir!!!
Look on YouTube for “wheelie van in the driveway” or “wheelie van in our driveway” for a (short) documentary presentation of the facts. I rest my case!